There is no  way you are going to increase traffic to your new website just by choosing the best and the most suited SEO keywords in your tons of content that you load on the internet. There are many things that you need to think about when you are coming out with a new website. You should first know as to what your website is talking about, the purpose of this website and the commitment you have towards the website. Once you are clear on the above three things, now you are ready to start the work of making your website a popular one.

The following are the killer SEO for new sites tips that will help in increasing traffic to your website.

  1. Using keywords judiciously

You need to concentrate on a primary topic that will help in making you reach your ideas to the online users, even though you have other stuff. The most important topic has to be given prime most importance. Hence, you will have to do a keyword research online before choosing the topic.

  1. Use permalink with keywords

You should never think of using a permalink structure that has numbers to identify the pages. This will not work for SEO. You should make use of a URL permalink structure and make sure that the keywords are used in the URL.

  1. Website updating

It is very important for you to keep updating the content on your website. It is a proven fact that a site with dynamic content gets a higher ranking than a site that has static content. This is why you need to make use of blogs and article directories so that the search engines easily find you.

  1. Linking to other websites

You should carry out linking with other like minded websites by making use of the resource page, link list or blog roll option. You should make sure that you use this option sparingly as the link will take the reader to the other website. If people start to click on the links, then search engines will understand that you are a trusted site for a particular topic. Like this outbound link, an inbound link is also very important as far as SEO is concerned. You should try and convince other websites to carry out links to your website.

  1. Keywords in images

It is very important for you to use the keywords in the title of your images. The words that you use must be carrying your site’s primary topic. These words must also be used in the site description and the alt attributes.

  1. Never change domain name

The amount of time your URL is online is one of the important factors that will determine the search engine ranking of your site. So, do not get impatient and change your URL if you do not get SEO recognition. There is no point in launching new blogs every5 to 6 months as this will no way help in increasing the value of your site.

Just follow the tips that are mentioned above and be patient and you will surely see results.