On the verge of the evolving digital age, it is no longer enough to create content and post them on social media. Today, as much as it is said that “content is king”, some say that this reign is coming to an end, this part of the process could even be a wasted effort because the lack of elements to evaluate the strategy and measure both results and return on investment is a dangerous obstacle in the race to attract the audience.

Internet trends change frequently and, with them, the nomenclature we use e-business, portals, Web 2.0, social media. How to maintain social networking profiles already said it was coming to an end. What is new is the marketing of content (“content marketing”), which is back to the time of the portals but with all efforts focused on SEO.

This development makes all the sense in the world. Maintaining profiles on Facebook or other social networks have a very little sense by itself unless an advertising campaign is done or money is invested in having quality stuff, as some (very few) brands do. I especially remember the cases of Red Bull, Nike, Repsol or even your BBVA League. They are brands that are becoming media- oriented.

However, there is one factor that distorts everything: Google. Ranking well in the search engine remains essential for any company that wants to sell online, or at least, “accelerate” the process. And the SEO industry has been completely transformed over the past two years, generating even for the first time, unemployment in the sector.

Today is no longer valid to optimize a web up and down and do some funny game to capture links here and there. Now you need to generate quality content that, on the one hand, bounces on social media networks for their sectorial interest and, secondly, make those websites change their appearance frequently and capture users to not leave a second later after entering.

The problem is that expectations were made more imagination, the best Gowex style, with common sense. But philosophy was valid and had certified that is one of the best entrepreneurs of our time, Bill Gates when in 1996 he wrote that “content is king”. Today, however, companies introduced much more rationality in the operation of Internet searches and no longer worth to make content for all audiences. The most important thing is to approach a niche and get into it hook or “engagement”.

That is, that the user has to like so much interact with it and even share it. Hence, the overnight have appeared sites like BuzzFeed producing mediocre or light- entertaining content, but attract users in bulk. Companies that had been doing marketing such as Kraft,are strengthening on their practices.

Another novelty is that Google is not alone in that war. The leading provider of traffic for BuzzFeedis, not the search engine, but Facebook. To compete with social networking, Google is changing their algorithms from top to bottom to make them closer to what each of us likes and interests. Gradually the search will go more and more like what we see in the Facebook feed. Google will identify us and give us that which most closely not only what we want but what we believe will interest us more.