One of the hottest topics on the internet right now is search engine optimization, or SEO. Companies are paying thousands of dollars in order to make sure that their websites are optimized for SEO, and they’re constantly updating their websites in order to make sure that they stay at the top of the search engine results. They do this because they know that this is a key way to stay competitive in a market flooded with vendors vying for the attention of their target demographic. But most people have lots of questions about the basics of SEO. Here are some frequently asked questions about SEO and their answers.

What is SEO?
Basically, SEO is the practice of tweaking your website so that when people run a search on a search engine for specific search criteria, your website has a higher ranking in the search engine results. Any given search on the internet can turn up millions of results, but no one clicks through to see the results on the last page, since most search engines rank their results based on relevancy. So the higher up you are in the search engine results, the more likely it will be that your website will be found by those who are looking to find it. As long as you implement even the basics of SEO, your efforts should have an impact on your search results.

How does SEO work?
SEO can affect many different aspects of your website. The basics of SEO start with choosing the right keywords to use on your site and using them to create content that has a certain keyword density in the text of your website. Basically, if you counted all of the words on any given page of your site, the search terms you want to optimize for should account for anywhere from 1-3% of the words on that page. You don’t want to have more than 3% because search engines will give you a lower ranking if they think you’re keyword stuffing, or simply repeating the keyword for the sake of trying to fool the search engine into thinking that your page is relevant when it’s not.

How can I make my website more SEO-friendly?
As mentioned above, some companies pay thousands of dollars in order to keep their websites optimized for search engines. But you can implement many of the basics of SEO on your own, as long as you know how to edit your own website. But if you do that and you’re still not satisfied, you may still want to call in the professionals.