While marketing in the non-Internet world has become increasingly cut-throat, with smaller businesses suffering from a lack of advanced marketing techniques, marketing on the internet is much more accessible to the average person. The average small business in the real world will invest in printed coupons and the occasional sale to make ends meet. Most likely, it will never generate enough revenue or exposure to rival a larger business, and just to make it through the year is a great accomplishment. This is why many potential start-ups will begin on the internet instead. With innovative techniques like backlinks and social bookmarks, small businesses are much more likely to make it big. Without spending more money on signs, posters, and newsprint ads, small businesses might only buy a small amount of useful software to start their internet marketing campaigns. While there is a variety of software at multiple tiers of pricing, most people start free or with free trials.

Backlinks, on the other hand, can still be created without any software. It is based on a very simple mechanism that used to be used to create blogging communities. Now, it is mostly a word used in SEO marketing jargon to describe the process that occurs when a site links to another site. Simple, right? It sounds simple enough, and hence it starts simple enough. When covering all corners of SEO marketing, though, this technique can be applied to more complex plans that require more skill and preparation. While there is much debate over these, the fact is that these techniques benefit anyone hoping to start a business from scratch on the Internet. Most small businesses, after all, decide to sell a niche product that wouldn’t easily be found in larger stores. Or, the larger online stores do not provide decent customer service or variety for this particular product. Hence, selling this product is profitable and small businesses can compete alongside larger businesses.

Many new businesses are taking this route, however, so good SEO marketing is a must. Use backlinks by creating well-run blogs on various blogging platforms. These blogs should look like any other blogs, except that they have links embedded in their text posts. These text posts describe the product that the niche site in question is selling, and hence anyone who decides to buy something of this nature can read the text post and then click on the links in it. Much traffic can be generated this way, so don’t just think of the blogs as dummy sites to add to your niche site’s page rank on various search engines. While that is the most efficient way to use the created backlinking networks, it is also useful to generate blogs that are actually useful. After all, no one said you couldn’t stay classy while starting a small business. If it’s something you’re really interested in, you should definitely talk to more people about it by starting blogs that will draw them into your vision of your product in relation to the real world.