It is important to know quickly and efficiently if your SEO is failing at something. For this reason, we share some basic tests that will be defined quickly and concrete if the SEO of our website is failing and to make the changes correctly. Below we list some easy and basic to know if something is wrong or is not working properly testing.

The titles of each of the pages or sections must be different and consistent with the section where you are. To carry out this test just to open multiple tabs on your site, if the title is the same in all must put to work and correct it. You should take note that the title you put in each of your sections or internal pages will be used by search engines to index your site, which is why you should include in the title the keyword that you think users will look when to want to find information that your page contains.

Avoid writing generic and short texts. You know how many words have a publication in your blog or on your page? Are they very general texts? Remember to specify what you sell or offer, avoid using generalizations to your website. Google will expect your content to be rich information that includes the most relevant to your keyword themes. Do not be lazy when writing your texts, the success of your website or blog depends on it. We have to report everything for the user to not leave the website looking for more information.

Friendly URL. Do you remember what a URL of your page or blog? If the URLs of your page have a similar appearance: Http: / cat = 2002 & prod = 2013 & cart = 203 is that something is wrong. The URL’s of your website must be clear, legible and descriptive content to which they refer. Eg. Http://

Text copied from other websites. Did you see any copied content? You must change, Google searches “copycats” and penalizes them by placing them in the worst positions.

Load speed. Your website or blog should load as quickly as possible. We recommend you use the Google speedometer with him have a rating from 0 to 100. If not exceed 70% seriously review your website. You can also test your website on different networks. Eg. You can test your website on the network of the cafĂ© or a friend’s house. It has been found improved metrics clickthrough rate (CTR) and time spent on the site in some cases to create animations sequences much faster and simpler command.

It is possible that for you to apply some of these changes or improvements to your website or blog, but if you need a more detailed and specific advice can contact us directly without any commitment.