Let consider you are a web designer. Now what is your main goal about your creating website? The goal will be as like your website is most visited. Therefore the rating of your website on Google is increased and for this you have to use the best SEO technique. Now what is SEO? That means search engine optimization. That means make your website appear on the first page of the search result. As most people goes on to the top result on search engine do not even look on to the next pages. So you have to have used a good SEO technique for your website.

best seoNow what is website? A website is a representative of yourself or your firm containing a well storage of information of your firm also containing a well collection or list of your product. The visitors can see your website and concern about the product list and may be order something or taking any important information. These increase the rating of your website. And you will get a well amount of revenue which is useful for online marketing and business. But how it will happen? If you do not use the best SEO technique your website may not been able to seen by the visitors and you will not get enough support and the ultimate result that your website will be lost.

There will a numerous SEO tools are used in SEO technique, this tools contain high level software program associated with SEO technique. This will lead you to a good result. .Now let’s talk about the best SEO technique for getting your website to the top page of the searching result. As you know previously software’s are useful about this content. One of a kind is Google analytics which is free and most popular program. It helps you t get the information about the site usage include visits, page views, bounce rate, pages/visit, average time on a site and including information about new visit. That’s also giving you the report about visitors and traffic source. You also can get the idea about the keyword and how the visitors reach to your site.

Another best SEO tools is Google webmaster having features like top search queries, crawl errors, backlinks (a link direct you to another link), crawling speed, links to your site, HTML suggestions, crawl stats, keywords, malware and many more. That’s means it having a complete package of you search engine optimization.

Another way you can use for best SEO is to make your keyword powerful, unique and available to the visitors. Also make the content of the website easier to the visitors so that he can suggest another visitor to visit your site. Also emphasize your keyword such a way that the visitor who wants to search the keyword can find your site easily. Also making your website more informative and adding more link make your website important to the visitors. So the visitors frequently visit your site and the website will have a good ranking. And thereafter Google show you website on top page.