Gary Jones from just posted on that according to experts, habits can be easily formed by doing the thing in question for 20 days straight. While I am not sure of the best number that would fit all (since everyone is different), I certainly believe in this. Afterall, that is the basis of ‘forming a habit’!

On top of that, he has kicked off a new group writing project, by challenging anyone to post in their blog daily for 20 days straight. To begin with, your first post will be on what is holding you back from blogging. Thereafter, share your post in a comment to Gary’s post on, or a link back, and Gary will follow up with a compiled post list in a future article on

2 great benefits to this:

– You will make a new writing commitment to yourself for 20 days, and at the end of it, you might see improvements in traffic, revenue and posts
– You get a linkback to your site from 🙂

There are many things that could hold me back in my blogging efforts:

– family commitments such as taking care of my parents, babysitting my brother (who has unfortunately gotten into trouble again today) and running errands for just about everyone
– negativity and scepticism from family, relatives, friends and strangers
– morale swings when the chips are down
– restlessness and impatience
– unanticipated emergencies (like today! Again!)

and so on and so forth. But just as in many other areas of my life (such as previously, dating, learning music and making money online), I have persevered and faciliated this process through planning, practise, and a healthy dose of obstinance. Coming from a traditional Asian family has the added pressure of sticking to the working norms (getting a job) and being the eldest male, I am looked up to take care of many situations. But at the end of the day, being passionate about what you do goes a long way to helping you achieve your commitments. I love to write, and it does not come any easier than blogging. 🙂

So join in the fun and it will help you form a very useful and successful habit in the process – Commitment.