There are many opportunities today on the internet that not everyone has learnt their importance. For many who know about making money online by writing blogs or articles can tell a few. It is important for such persons to familiarize themselves with creating backlinks to their sites to improve traffic which will in turn result to more earnings. But before embarking on creating backlinks it is important to note what they are and how they work. Backlinks can be termed as links incoming to your site from either search engines or directly.

With that in mind how do you go about creating good backlinks to your site?

  • Proper utilization of comment boxes is one trick that creates good backlinks, whether it is a blog that you run or you write articles for any site having people comment on your articles creates more opportunities since every comment left it is a backlink to your site. Better yet if amongst the comments posted someone uses keywords out of the title it is more helpful in ranking on search engines. Also it is important for you as a writer to put the most important keywords in your title to create top backlinks.
  • Submitting articles to search engines is also another way of creating backlinks. Most of these sites are free and easy to use which is a plus to many although their potential is not fully utilized. Ensuring your articles are not only targeted to a minority of search engines where you might deride smaller search engines not knowing that they also play a role to creating more backlinks.
  • Whether you have an Adsense account or not you should take advantage of googles SEO, Google being the king of search engines abundant traffic and backlinks can be generated on their site. Use of appropriate search engine optimization words it will help you in your endeavor. Try using these important words on your starting paragraphs such that bots on Google can pick them if you do not know how to go about this then you can as well utilize a keyword tool on Google search base to find out words that get hits frequently and work your articles backwards from there to attain desired results.
  • Social bookmarks though mostly neglected by many are helpful in adding up to your backlinks. One to three may not do the trick but sending links to your blogs and articles to numerous sites should do the trick. Use of sites like shetoldme would be a great start to your achieving higher traffic thus upping your earnings. Another site to look out for is to help you in your quest of adding links to social bookmarks. Most of these sites are free to post to therefore a great haven for serious bloggers especially to get great backlinks to their sites.

Lastly but not least use of resource sections on other writing sites also is a great way of creating backlinks to your site. Some sites allow this therefore it is upon you to note their guidelines on the same. Use this resource wisely by creating links to other articles or similar topics like your blogs. This will in turn enable your site to get backlinks which in time will translate to better earnings or you achieving your goals with your blogs or articles.