YouTube is the largest video sharing site on the Web, and thousands of people have found success through this platform, regardless of their video niche. However, a lot of people don’t realize that product promotion and placement on YouTube is one of the best ways to reach out to your potential fans and consumers. Advertising through YouTube “celebrities”, or starting a channel for reviews and news is how many people get noticed and can result in a significant boost to your website’s traffic and usage.

A lot of users on YouTube gladly accept advertising offers from people looking to sponsor those, especially if you’re willing to pay a somewhat fair rate. Although you may not receive direct mentions during their video, they may mention you in an attonation or the video description, which can still bring in some traffic. Finding a partner to sponsor is difficult, but if you take the time to do it, chances are you can get some attention if you sponsor two or three people with a large following on the site.

youtubeIf paying other YouTube users to sponsor you and your business doesn’t seem like the proper fit for you, try starting your own channel and uploading your own videos. Videos that pertain to product reviews or current events have a greater likelihood of being viewed by the community, which is incredibly useful when trying to grow your YouTube following. Refrain from over-promoting yourself in your videos, though; try placing an ad before and after the video telling people to check out your website and include a link to it in the description of your video. I see countless users do this, and it has allowed many of them to grow their website. One example of these sites is TechnoBuffalo, who have exponentially grown their YouTube and website following by promoting their tech website through reviews and analysis of the latest products in the technology industry.

Promotion on YouTube is something that occurs gradually, so it’s an ongoing form of advertisement that’ll likely take a fair amount of time before you start seeing results. It’s also one of the most ignored forms of promotion, because of how difficult it is to achieve success, but we believe anyone can make it on YouTube if they take the time to create solid videos that appeal to the general audience of their niche. Since YouTube is also one of the Web’s most visited sites, you’ll want to try and see how well you can do using their platform; any site with that much traffic must have some type of untapped advertising promotion. Pick up a camera and start reviewing your way to success (in 1080p, of course).