Social media is an online platform where businesses can engage and interact with their clients. The opportunities presented are important for both the small and big companies. The small companies can find social media important; as a tool used in tracking, monitoring and analyzing data. It is probably no news that Facebook is the number one social media platform. Marketing is the link between the material requirements of a society and its economic patterns of response. Facebook marketing satisfies needs and wants through the exchange processes and building long term relationships. This is a general overview of how to use Facebook to make your business grow.

Set up your page

Creating a Facebook page makes your business discoverable so that when people search for you on Facebook, they find you. It also makes you connected as you get to have one on one conversation with your customer who would be able to like your page, read your posts and share it with online friends. Your page also helps you reach out to very large group of people often with information and messages tailored to their needs and interest and you also get to have analytics on your page that will give you an in-depth understanding of your customers and also your marketing strategies.

Identify your audience

Who would you like to meet? Not only can you reach much people on Facebook, you can reach specific people who are likely to become your customers. In this respect you have to consider what your customers have in common, how old they are – where they live and how your business can help them. And also build your audience by encouraging your customers to like your page. This way they get to see your pots in their feed. Also invite your friends, share your page and invite your business card contacts. But note that it’s about how many like you get. It’s just important that you connect with the people.

Create Compelling Content

Think about your customers. What excites them? Do they prefer you using photos or like it when you share useful links. To really achieve this you might need to experiment with different kind of posts. Endeavour to be authentic, that is, share what you’re excited about. Be responsive to comments on your posts. And remember to be consistent. Get a schedule for your posts. And remember to do what works.


This involves reaching more of the people who matter most to you. Create ads to engage more people or you use the ad create tool. The ad tool is used to reach the friends of the people who already like you. And remember that people are more likely to respond to messages crafted out for them, so be specific about the audience for different ads. By doing this you maximize return on your investment. Remember to always be dynamic. Find out what’s working well so you can maximize your impact.