Facebook vs Twitter – Which is Better for Marketing!

This has been the topic of many discussions lately, which is better Twitter or Facebook? Well both are good for promotion and for building your brand. But one thing is clear! Facebook has limited the reach you can have even with your own fans. This flat out sucks and is terrible on Facebook’s part. Not to mention the other disingenuous practices they run on there users. Case in point the new info released about Facebook putting there users through a secret test.  Honestly these practices are making people want to leave Facebook altogether, and I don’t blame them. And the fact that there are many businesses that have worked for years to build up a following on Facebook only to have there post reach limited. And Facebook has the audacity to make you pay for a post boost to reach those extra fans.


Meanwhile Twitter is playing a lot nicer. not only can you build up your following with no problem. But you can reach all of your followers without much trouble. I think this sets Twitter ahead of the heard of social media sites.

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