Backlinks are important to build great traffic to your site as well as improve page rank on search engines. For someone to achieve proper backlinks to their website then they need to come up with content that is useful and original with self-promoting aspects that will not spook search engines. Getting good backlinks is not an easy task but if done correctly then it can be fun and could also earn you some cash. There are plenty of good sites where one can create backlinks by incorporating them in articles of else direct link posting by use of resources links provided in such sites.

The main question here remains how does one go about getting backlinks to their website? Well below instructions are meant to assist you get your backlinks and guide you on the right way to do it.

  • When people find your site and is impressed by the content you have and decides to link to it then you get your backlink. Therefore it is imperative that you create interesting and informative content so as to capture their audience.
  • One can as well get backlinks to their websites through posting articles to paying sites like Ehow. This way you earn some cash as well as gain in traffic whenever the links lead to your site. There are numerous sites available that pay good money for rich content and view as well as may share some revenue from Adsense. Join many sites of this kind and write articles that are relative to your site. Some well-known sites are like Bukisa, Ehow, Infobarrel and Squidoo just to mention afew. You will be amazed by how much you make unknowingly from posting articles to these sites in a bid to gaining backlinks to your website.
  • Use of social bookmarking sites to get backlinks to your website is another great method that is easy and free. You only need to put short relative to your content narrative with a link to your site, some of these sites include propeller and shetoldme.
  • Posting to sites that do not pay is also important. Note that most of these sites enjoy great pagerank. Here other people might also post your content on their sites if interested with a backlink to your site which is good for you.
  • Another great way of getting backlinks to your site is by adding a link to your webpage in signatures in forums you post to. This will get great traffic for your site.
  • Use your social media sites like Myspace and facebook to post a link, as much as search engines like Google may ignore such backlinks it will get your friends or friends of friends to your site and better yet when they comment then it improves the chances of being seen by more people
  • While reading through content that is similar to yours it is good to leave a comment and can incorporate backlinks and when accepted by the owner then the both of you will gain in terms of traffic to your sites.