Google is the largest search engine in the world, so it’s obviously no surprise that many website and business owners want to optimize their sites in order to have them indexed by these sites. Although search engine optimization is important, Google has an alternative to spending hours building backlinks and writing article after article – their AdWords advertising platform. However, many question the effectiveness of paid, targeted advertising. So, is advertising with Google AdWords truly effective?

Many people who specialize in the area of online promotion are no strangers when it comes to advertising networks, and some of those people question the effectiveness of pay per click advertising. Google is no stranger to the advertising business, either – they offer users an effective way to generate revenue from their website or promote it to their targeted audience in an effective manner.

google adwordsAdWords has set the standard for how pay-per-click advertising should be done. They offer customers fair and affordable prices and personalize your experience. You choose the keywords and Google takes care of the rest, eliminating the need to spend weeks and months getting your site to the top of Google’s search results. The algorithms used to index their results are not something a novice should attempt to figure out and work with; recent changes have also made promotion and optimization more difficult. With AdWords, there’s no hassle – your ad is one of the first results displayed, making it accessible and attractive to consumers. Affordability is also another important factor that plays into strategic advertising decisions.

A brilliant aspect of AdWords is the spending control it gives the user. You’re able to set spending limits and choose exactly how much you want to spend per click and set a limit of how much to spend per day. These limits allow you to gain exposure at a smooth and affordable pace. Plus, you’re only charged when your ad is clicked, rather than merely displayed. This type of system and financial model really enables users to control every aspect of their advertising campaign.

Although AdWords may sound useful, it’s mainly designed for small businesses, not content sites and blogs. Gaining exposure with paid advertising is typically only useful for people trying to promote or sell something, not gain readers and general traffic. Standard SEO and link building will always be the optimal path for the average blogger, but AdWords simplifies things for small businesses and entrepreneurs and opens the door to opportunity and growth – all with just a few simple clicks.