Most business owners know that the latest Penguin update wreaked havoc on website businesses. Many people are going nuts thinking this is the end. Well it’s only the end if you feel it is. If you don’t know the basics of SEO, which are the most important things of all. Then it seems you will have some problems fixing your SEO post Penguin. It can be complicated though, as there so many different factors to SEO optimization. We will go over the forms of online and offline optimization tactics that will help you survive the Penguin update.
The first thing that Penguin goes after, they say, is over optimized websites. Sites with keyword stuffing and other tricks to higher your website ranking online. These are the things Google is on the lookout for. They are also keeping an eye out for doorway pages.  Duplicate indexed pages like categories and tags. You have to be careful there, from now I don’t index those pages. Another thing is offsite SEO, this is where It comes down to the links you build, meaning if they’re spammy in quality or not. You don’t want spammy looking links. Google sees this and figures you’re a spammer and will de-rank your website. This is not a good way to build a business. This can affect your site very badly. So the best way to avoid it, is to not build spammy looking links. Blog spamming is another bad idea. Also forum profiles made for the reasons of dropping links in mass quantity are all being slapped by Google’s latest algo. Once again you need to think about things like this, if you want to build a long term business.
When your building a business you want to lay a foundation of good quality links, including but not limited to blogs with quality content,and  good quality blog comments on blogs in your niche. These blogs will require you to actually read the blog and make a meaningful comment on the subject. This will not look spammy and your link will stay instead of being erased. Other great link sources include directories in your niche, and even guest posting on other peoples website. This is a powerful way to get some quality links back to your website. We could go on and on about links sources. So we decided to make a quick list. Here you go.
1. Similar niche forums.
2. Blog commenting on similar blogs
3. Directories in the same niche
4. Guest posting
5. Link trade, ethical link trades.
6. Signature links
7. Banner ads
8. Press releases
9. Bookmarking
10. Social media
11. RSS feeds
12. And many many more
These are just a few ways to get some quality links back to your website and lay a foundation that will lead to success. SEO changes quite often, so you have to stay ahead of the curve, but with these tips you have an arsenal of info you be able to survive any update Google puts out. Thank you, Local Web Geek