Internet searches keep getting better and better all the time. It used to be that the internet was a good place to search for general information, but you’d have to type in a specific location if you wanted location-specific results. But thanks to geo-location technology, search engines can find your location based on your IP (internet protocol) address, and tailor your search engine results based on your physical location as well as your search criteria. If you have a website, you’re going to want to take advantage of this. There are some great Google Places SEO tips that can help you to make the most of Big Brother’s watchful eye…

Google Places is a feature of Google that allows people to rate and share info about local businesses on Google. The most important of the Google Places SEO tips is to get your business on Google Places in the first place. This may seem like an obvious answer, but you’d be surprised at how many businesses are still dragging their feet in regard to getting seen on Google Places. Some businesses may not see the point at first, but once the traffic starts rolling in, you’ll see that it’s worth the time and effort to keep tabs on your Google Places stats.

If you haven’t bothered with Google Places yet (shame on you!), then you might be in for a surprise… many businesses are already there, just waiting for the business owner to claim their listing. So you may be on there and not even know it. That’s not good. It looks deserted and like you don’t care… even though you may not have known it was there. But customers don’t realize that.

Some of the most helpful Google Places SEO tips are simply standard practices of good SEO. You should make sure that your website is SEO-friendly. You should check your keyword density, to make sure that you’re optimized for the most common search terms for your business or industry. If you combine good SEO strategies with an active account on Google Places, those two things can create a jump in your web traffic that you won’t believe. It’s amazing how combining two simple strategies can yield such great results.

Finally, do your best to make the most of your Google Places account. You can have up to ten photos and five videos of your business. Make sure that they’re nice, and that they’re interesting and informative. Invest a little to make them reflect better on your business. Take advantage of all the different categories available to you. This will maximize your exposure. It’s so simple to use these Google Places SEO tips that it’s a wonder that more businesses don’t take advantage of them. But you should do your best to get started as soon as possible so that you can establish your presence on Google Places.