You know the feeling. You’re browsing through your favorite social media site, and all of a sudden you find that one of your friends has been hacked. Not just a friendly hack, either. They are no longer the nice, humble person they used to know. Their site has been taken over by business interests hoping to find backlinks. Please don’t let this be your business. It might be useful in gaining backlinks, but ultimately it gives your business a horrible reputation. This is especially true if the account that you hack posts its links all over the boards of other accounts. You can create accounts for advertising on particular social networks, but do not take advantage of innocent users who have nothing to do with your business. Surely, after all, one or two of their friends will click on their links. This will be good for you, but the world will spread that you have been going around hacking accounts for the sake of backlinks.

In fact, doing this can kill a social media site in general. If too many accounts get hacked, this shows that the security system of a social media interface is lacking. Users who get tired of seeing these same old spam posts on their dashboards will quit the site, and you will be left with no audience. This happened to Myspace, and occasionally happens on Facebook with overly intrusive applications. Xanga does the same thing, but to a lesser extent due to the less intrusive nature of interpersonal interactions on that particular interface. This is a pet peeve of anyone trying to go about their business on social networks. If you want a good reputation with your clients, do not take advantage of the technical expertise of your employees to engage in illegal activity. Do not pay others to engage in illegal activity, even if they are freelancers who will not have the consequences for your reputation.

Promoting backlinking should be something that gives high quality content to the internet. The internet has helped you start up your business, so when you do SEO marketing you should try to give back. Post links where they are allowed, and no one will be angry with you. After all, there are some places that are looking for the content that you provide. Do not go where you are not welcome, and you will make the Internet a more welcoming place for you and your new business. Just imagine if someday, your rival company decides to hack into your personal social media page. How would you feel? That company is certainly doing well, putting backlinks in all of your updates and generating a lot of buzz, but it’s not positive buzz, obviously. Someone has taken advantage of you, and if you don’t like this then you should give what you would wish to receive. Thankfully, with the increased security of social media networks this is getting ever harder by the day. However, many an email account has been spammed and many a blog is still at risk.