Once you get into the SEO marketing business, learning about backlinks is very important to the success of a young site. Using the wrong techniques for backlinking can cause great harm for a site, while using the right techniques can help the site grow and gain momentum. After all, an influx of backlinking from too many sites raises a red flag in the analytical programs of the search engines that allow the site to get more exposure through the searching of keywords. After all, the programs will have been taught to question the validity of all of these different articles where the backlinks are popping up. How could a site that was just founded five minutes ago be getting so much exposure? This appears unnatural, and is an example of shabby marketing. This is why high quality content and a good investment of time and effort are necessary to create a better resource for SEO marketing, particularly in the area of backlinks. To send people to the niche sites in a meaningful way that will advertise to them what they want before they even see the products of the niche site, the sites that contain the links should also contain content related to the products that the niche site sells.


The sites should contain quality articles, with links throughout. These links should not distract from the article, and the article should not be written about topics that have nothing to do with the links. They might be of interest to the average person, but they are not useful in SEO marketing if they do not serve as directors to the niche site that is in need of more exposure. To guarantee that these articles are of the highest quality as vessels of the links, you should either write these articles yourself or hire an expert to do this task for you. After all, you’re not just writing one article. You’re writing multiple articles so that these can be posted in multiple places to reach to many, many groups of customers. Each of these articles will need to be different, so that you don’t look like you’re spamming. You want to maintain the good reputation of your business, after all. If the web citizens who might be interested in your product start to accuse you of spamming, or using “bots” to create dummy sites that just get in the way of their shopping experience, you will be discredited.

This has already happened in many industries with vendors that tried to create proxy blogs, but ended up creating sites that only drew their customers away from their products. Their products were sold on the promises made by their blogs, only for the customers to realize the true intention of the blogs due to the poor quality of the content on them. All new start-ups should avoid this sort of catastrophe. Once this happens to a business, it’s very hard for the business to recover its reputation with its target group of consumers. Even if they come back, they will hold onto their money.