Getting leads in Inbound marketing strategy and begin to qualify them through different actions, is one of the measures most requested by certain brands looking to capture the attention of your prospects. But the reality is that with anInboundmarketing strategy, the ultimate goal to be pursued is to turn leads into customers. That must be one of the specific objectives to look out over a period of time. But how to do it?

Sometimes, many Marketing Directors want to develop a corporate blog to drive traffic to the web, without worrying at all about the conversion phase. Actually, here is the crux of the matter. Generate traffic to a website requires a strategic response to the traffic generated not stop there.

Convert leads into customers with a positive ROI

Think not. What you generate quality content on a blog? What you need is to get leads so that later become customers. Generate efforts Marketing content and Positioning SEO involves launching a specialized team or spend part of a budget for marketing and, surely, everyone within the company thinks that what is invested will have an ROI positive.

The reality is that many companies use marketing agencies specializing in digital content or Marketing to launch a corporate blog, enabling them to have a large number of users in your Google Analytics statistics, but you really do not generate business. That’s why conversion plays a fundamental role in the conception of a blog.

Therefore, think not only about attracting traffic, but also the conversion part makes online marketing projects begin to find their right path. When thinking about the user experience and many other factors that influence the uptake of a lead blog, the numbers do not grow only in Google Analytics, but also in business is designed.

Qualify a lead up to customer

The phase conversion Inbound marketing strategy can start qualifying the leads. No longer just the main concern of attracting traffic. Now you start to interact with your potential customers. To do so, the qualification of the lead so that it becomes a client may be met by developing various actions.

These actions will allow going increasingly convinced to lead that the steps you take in your relationship with the brand are suitable. This is going caring relationship with the lead, telling you to you and giving affection through interactions you have with the brand in social media, through email marketing, web or blog.

This marketing strategies Inbound is easier to get because you have all the information of a lead in the same tool, which allows you to be much more accurate in the information you exchange with your potential customer. Also, meet the ultimate goal: the customer ends up becoming a lead brand.