In this day and age, it is vital to use smart solutions in order to save up money and promote your business, and there are ways to do it for free or at a very low cost.

  1. Pay for referral traffic generated by conversions

Look into your Google Analytics. Do you have referral traffic that will generate sales? Preferably, do you have referral traffic you generate sales than an affiliate site? If so, you have the perfect opportunity to try sending traffic from a content recommendation service as Outbrain.

  1. Answer tweets sharing your content or promoting subtly

One of the powerful features available on Twitter is the ability to respond to a tweet and then appear on the timeline for people who share to an audience. Of course, do so in moderation. I do when people really deserve a thank you and say something nice additional or if your tweet specifically generated some noise that resonated in our website. I probably would have said thanks anyway, but the extra traffic does not hurt in terms of stimulating a response.

  1. Eliminate unnecessary buttons to share

Buttons to share misbehave people. If you look at Analytics and most of your traffic comes from Facebook, why have a “Share on Twitter” button?  Your audience is on Facebook, whereas in Twitter nothing happens. This has been demonstrated by companies like OkCupid, who revealed evidence specifically on the elimination of options and actions that increased their net reach.

  1. Identify opportunities with keyword page research

Content marketing is about picking opportunities with the greatest real audience. The keyword research often falls short because it focuses on a keyword in isolation, which functions as long tail.

  1. Be more aggressive with Reddit Imgur

A Reddit does not like salespeople. But like the content. One way to balance the two is to open your potential to promote the service by submitting infographics / displays several subreddits with Imgur. This way you can be much more aggressive with your distribution strategy because it is not as promotional as activity in the eyes of users of Reddit.Definitely not optimal in terms of brand image, but (almost) all situations, an impression is greater than zero.

  1. Find the most shared content and send it to Reddit /StumbleUpon

Do you have a new client? I just got a new job? Are you not paying attention to Reddit at all? Find the most shared content for your site in the tool, and then send it to the subreddits / StumbleUpon interest to capture relevant traffic.

  1. Use tools to Reddit

It is easy to add to your favorite subreddit whenever necessary, but if you do it at the wrong time, you may not have the best results. Busy subreddits are busier at certain times, and its content must also be active when it is more likely to see it.

Continue to improve

Occasionally our team will review our process and seek effective ways to improve, even if things go well. Predictable success in a book of business research looking at consistent and successful characteristics of the companies found that those in the central region continued successful innovation.

Those who did not, are at the bottom of the curve. And when innovation stagnates, some fall into bankruptcy. Do not let your company be one of them.