Innovative ideas do not progress only with good intentions; equally important are teamwork, the ability to implement a project and technology that occupied, which will play a decisive role in the realization of your work and building your image as a company. Think what happens when you go to meet a customer and your computer fails when making a presentation or if you carry stationery that is illegible. These situations are key to the time that customer decides to work with you, because the first impression define your future relationship with this.

Before adopting keep in mind the following premises:


To go with your venture does not need the latest technology or business intelligence. A laptop and a software suite are the basic tools to undertake. With them you can turn your ideas into business plans and marketing, create and integrate databases and to make financial projections. Consider the wide range in the hardware market good quality and high performance. On the other hand, with the right programs on your computer you can benefit from significant savings for your company, such as free calls with which you can make video conference and achieve closeness with your customers and partners avoiding transportation and telephone costs.


If time is money, it is even more for entrepreneurs who, in a few minutes, should convince potential investors or customers to bet on your business or project. Thus, poor print quality of a document can be fatal when concrete business is taking place.

To save trouble printing or scanning, without having to invest large sums in printing solutions, basics when purchasing a printer or multifunctional, is to look at its technology (laser, inkjet or other), the functionality of the equipment, connectivity, the ability to scan and store documents on your PC or in the cloud, print resolution, in color or black-white, and performance of supplies.


If you work alone in your small business, purchase a smartphone which enables you to access multiple free applications that will help you perform anywhere the tasks you usually do in the office, thus increasing productivity and availability to obtain updated data permanently to provide best response and service to your customers.

Through the mobile phone you can access the database of the company through internet, automate your sales, making orders, quotations and price lists shipments. It will also help in logistical tasks, because you can assign routes and have better control of delivery of goods and services, thanks to the various Apps that are available for these devices.


Get Connected! You must keep up with social networks, before your business disappears from the radar of your customers and prospects, and what better than all networks free Internet offers. Online applications like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs take you by the hand to find new customers, keep in touch with them, know what they think of you and so give them a better service.

Finally, remember that patience is virtue of entrepreneurs. Do not rush to implement technology which can then be obsolete for your business model. First analyzes the needs of your company, your team, get advice from experts and compares performance between devices.