Many people are curious as to how they can make money online with their websites. There are various ways that a website can earn you money and we can explore some of those ways. The three methods that are most popular for making money through one’s website are firstly by selling your own products and/or services, secondly by selling other people’s products through affiliate marketing programs, and thirdly by selling advertising on the site for example Google Adsense.

It is important to note that if you decide to sell a product or a service, or both, then it would be reasonable to pay for traffic. However if you are planning to use Google Adsense for the monetization process, then it is not necessary for you to pay for traffic. One of the oldest and the best ways to make money online with your website is to become an affiliate marketer.

make money onlineAffiliate marketing is quite popular and is a program where the merchant allows many people who are called affiliates to sell his or her products and/or services, either directly or indirectly, and earn a commission for doing that. Affiliates are able to send potential clients to the merchant’s landing page with the use of several tools such as banners, text links, product reviews and many other methods. Some of the popular affiliate market networks include but are not limited to Click Bank, Commission Junction, Link Share, and Amazon.

Another way to make money online with your website is through contextual advertising also known as Google Adsense. This is actually the simplest approach to making money as a website owner. What makes it easy is that all you have to do is place a small code that is provided by Google onto your website and Google will carry out the rest of the work. Your site must however be vetted and approved by Google before it can begin making money, and small new sites will find this a hindrance to their quest to make money. The advertisements that are placed on your website will mostly be dependent on the website’s page content, and also the geographical location of the visitor, hence why they are called contextual ads.

Thirdly, selling your products or services isĀ dependentĀ on two important factors that you must consider. You can either have a complete shopping site like, which puts into use a shopping cart feature or you can have a digital download site whereby people will download digital material especially in the form of e-books and software. This is not an easy alternative if you are just starting out in online business since you will have to look for the products and in most cases you have to create the products yourself. There are certain offers online which will enable you to use the content of others, for example resale rights which give you the authority to sell products of others, mostly e-books and software.

Regardless of what you decide as a method of making money online, your website must have a niche or a theme that it revolves around. This is because what you choose as your website’s theme, or subject matter, will carry a very significant consequence on the ability of your website to make money. If the subject matter is too broad, it will be more difficult to get free traffic on the search engines.