Now that you know the advantages of having an app in your company and you know how much it costs to develop, you need to know the most important thing: how to promote a mobile application to start getting downloads. The budget you have for the creation of your application should be similar to that you’ll destine promoting it. That does not mean that all steps are paid, there are many creative and free to start your marketing plan ways.

Start by choosing the name

The name of your mobile application needs to be unique and easy to pronounce. It should include the most important keywords of your business and give clues about the problem you solve the user to decide to download it.

Try not to exceed 12 characters. It is suitable for SEO. Uses terms that consumers enter into search engines when they think of mobile applications.

Choose the correct category for your application

You must choose a category and subcategory for your application. Although a priori seem simple, there are many apps that are not identified with any, in this case, you should think about the user and ask the question: What category are my potential customers? The selection of the same will be decisive in promoting the application. Once launched you can change the category in each update.

Build a simple, attractive landing page

To promote your application will need at least a landing page that explains clearly and concisely what you can offer your potential customer. We show some examples of well-developed landing pages to promote a mobile application.

Create a blog and share your content

Content marketing is important in every business, and if we talk about e-commerce or mobile applications. You must write the content of interest to your potential customers, put on your skin and hook them with useful information. When you start receiving organic views, including a banner of your landing page on the blog and see how soon increase downloads of your app.

A good way to start promoting a mobile application is building the blog a month before the launch. You can discuss the construction process and the benefits of your app. It will also serve to receive the first questions or suggestions for future customers.

Promote your app on social networks.

Use social media to promote your app daily: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus, are indispensable. In addition something as simple as a link to your application in all profiles you have on social media will help in promoting safe. It is also interesting to create a board on the Pinterest blog with images, computer graphics or any type of visual content to identify with your application.

Reviews of the application on specialized blogs

With a single account of an expert, you can turn your application into a success. To start should contact the sites you want and send out press releases to the media, both online and offline. To be prepared before launching your app, brings together everything you need: images, press releases, biographies of the founders, logos, guest-post, bloggers and journalists contact who may be interested.

Create a video of your mobile application

Not necessarily be a tutorial or explanatory video. You can create a video that invite reflection, make it fun, creative, or just tell a story. It is important that the user feels identified and are interested in learning more about the application.

Offer a promotional price

If your application is payment, offering a promotion on the pitch, for example, € 0.99. This kind of price drives customers to buy.

 Include paid to advertise in your marketing plan

If the above are not enough to promote your mobile app, you can include paid advertising. In Google Adwords, you can find all the options offered by the search engine to promote your app and generate more download. The choice depends only on the budget you want to invest in the promotion: