After all the Internet has shown us that if you want to attract visitors to your site nothing better than a pair of boobies, but actually believe that they can create more intelligent and sustainable long-term strategies. In this post, we’ll show you some strategies to turn your traffic into sales and thus show all those proud of their impressive traffic figures maybe your site does not visit much but you know do things for each visit has an objective and become something useful for your business.

What is your site traffic?

The goal of a content marketing strategy is to attract visitors to a website. But think about it, if you are the owner of a shopping center do you want to fill with people watching the windows and eventually buy an ice cream or people coming to buy? What I mean is that having absurd amounts of traffic does not necessarily translate into the marketing strategy that you are developing is successful: it will be (and can show off) at the time that traffic is transformed into conversions, and all these people in the mall will mean something when they enter the premises to buy. If conversion goals are not being met can have a traffic figures impressive but unless you live strictly in the pattern and not even- everything you’re doing is wasting your time with people coming to your site but does nothing beyond.

We will convert visitors into sales

Thanks to growth hacking, a set of strategies to use creativity and be agiler to attack markets, grow and convert without spending a lot of money on mass advertising, anyone can make the investment made in attracting traffic in direct sales. If you follow these five techniques growth hacking your life can be much better, you will not brag about all that traffic that your site and eventually will serve for something: to increase your conversion rate.

Study and know your customers

All market research has a word of background: NEED. Since all online marketing strategy must be preceded by a planning process, this means knowing who come to your site and why, what they look for, what they want, what they need or they might need or do you want … you need πŸ˜‰. The more time you spend studying your target audience will have much more information and clues to attack the direct market needs.

The landing page as a log of what you want your customers to do

It is important to optimize the website so that each of the pages that come your users has a target since a lot of them come to internal pages and not just at the beginning. Landing pages (landing pages) are the best way to fully customize and provide the best experience. Ad campaigns have full control to assign a page campaign if we wish; this gives us the ability to shape each page as the target traffic. Some tips to keep in mind when optimizing landing pages:

  • Capture the attention of the user with a clear and concise header.
  • Do not forget the goal, repeat buttons call to action and forms capture emails.
  • Everything comes through the eyes. The graphics, images and photographs support import more than you think.
  • Maintain very light page, the rule here is that less is more, as far as visual elements are concerned.
  • Do not forget that landing pages have options for sharing on social sites.

Optimize the loading speed of your site

The loading speed of a website is a point that has an impact on factors such as SEO, user experience and, of course, the conversion ratio. For every second it takes for a website to load there is a 7% decrease in the conversion rate. The recommendation by Google is a website loaded with the same speed it takes the search to give results. It is a big challenge, but if you make it represents a huge advantage for your site, for this reason, it is a feature of your site must attack now. The rate of charge depends on several factors: the weight of the images, cache, server, etc. Google Page Speed ​​is a free Google tool that helps determine factors to attack to reduce the charging time.

Look to your happy customers to tell the world how magical it is your product

Testimonials are an amazing way to demonstrate the quality of the product or service opportunity. The best advice is not to create false testimony; we do not have to explain why right? If your product is really good you will surely find many people willing to talk about its benefits, to lie about the wonders he does what you sell and have telesales