Hi, We get alot of questions at ExciteSEo about the best way to use twitter for business. So we want to go over some basics on how to use twitter to grow your business and your brand. First of all Twitter is extremely popular, Twitter has tons of traffic and is literally one of the top 5 most visited websites online. If you not using Twitter for traffic or branding then your missing out big time. Twitter can be used to get traffic for your business locally or worldwide. It just depends on the business. You sometimes have to think outside the box and come up with a strategy that best works for you.

Its best to keep your profile up to date and engage your followers often, so they don’t forget about you. You want to first start by building up your profile with a nice clean background with all your business info and phone number right there on your profile. Also having a nice profile picture can go a long way. You will really limit how many followers you get if you don’t do these steps right. Another thing that is important is you want to start building up your followers base. You can go this with random followers supplied by Backlinks Incorporated, then later after you have a few thousand followers at least, then its best to switch to the targeted likes package. Now here is the reason behind this!

The thousands of followers are cheap to get and will build up the popularity of your profile. This way once you start working on the targeted followers. They will very easily follow back, sorry to use this term but think sheep mentality. Sorry but that’s kinda what your dealing with. People follow the crowd(herd). Either way this works out in your favor. Build up the followers then use the targeted followers services to hone in on the highest of quality followers. Like I said they will quickly follow you back when they see you already are popular. It works like a charm, then from there you want to keep your followers in check, delete non followers and make sure you tweet things at least a few times a week, the bigger your following the more you want to stay in touch, remember this is a direct line to many of your customers also. So make sure you engage! Coupons, Contests its all works wonders, theirs also a few more keynotes to remember.

1. The weekends are even busier on Twitter, make sure you engage in those times also.

2. Make sure you tweet often and use your website links to get traffic back to your website. give something away free to collect emails.

3. Everyone’s on twitter, you will always find your niche or people looking for your services. if you need help just message us.

4. Use #hashtags use #hashtags in your tweets it will make them spread farther online..

5. Many people are on twitter via mobile device. most hours of the day, so make sure you send out tweets often, they don’t all have to be promotional. through a few random tweets out there to keep communication with your followers

6. Send DM (direct messages). got some hot leads on twitter that you know would like your service. send them a direct message and give them the link to your product.

7. Ask for retweet. Many local businesses will find Twitter very valuable and followers can even become cult like, but this is what you want, people with so much trust in your service will literary do the work for you. getting retweets is just that important, retweets will help you get the word out there fast. Don’t be afraid to ask for the retweet!

Well that’s all for today be sure you check out our Twitter packages and subscribe to our ebook and Youtube channel. For all of our updates.

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