For any brand, it is no secret that content marketing is vital within your advertising strategy and is the art of communication between the company and its consumers, plus your potential customers. In the era of social networks, all companies are publishing and what publishers need is a steady stream of good content. But this is easier said than done.

If you’re listening to your audience and creating content for it, great! You are on the right track. However, you must first establish a content marketing strategy. A content marketing strategy works as a guide organized planning, production, promotion and measurement of content. At first, you’ll need a long time to create a good strategy but eventually reduce your workload and your content will be more effective.

Before you start you have to think goals and create a content marketing strategy that elevates your social networking efforts to the next level. For this, we have organized a useful tour that will guide you through each step of the process.Therefore, here are some recommendations to make a down payment content:

  • Know your target. Before generating the content is of great importance to have full knowledge of what kind of messages users are coming because this way we can build them according to what consumers are asking for.
  • Meet the transmission channels. Not just enough to know who our audience but must take into account the channels through which they receive information, so we have in our favor more knowledge about what they are looking for and in what format they are looking for.
  • Fosters valuable information. Do not forget that the content goes beyond the mere description of the products of each company, moreover, it aims to share information that has value and encourage customer loyalty.
  • Loyalty your customers. The contents of value, interesting and attractive occur, the work of loyalty or catch new customers is made easier as these are in a relationship of trust towards the brand and its products.
  • Make know your company. Within the contents of value, we are information about the brand, which brings us closer to the user; and related messages on topics that generate curiosity so interesting that the client wants to share.
  • Plan and structure your content. The organization and structuring of content strategy are essential and helps productivity, because of this we must have a release schedule where the topics, frequency and sources are clarified, among others.
  • Measures the performance of your strategy. And, last but not least, it is the measurement of the extent and effectiveness that has our content. With the feedback, we can improve and broaden the spectrum of our messages.

Writing implements routine reports on the performance of your marketing content. These reports can be shared with your team is working to show how the content. You can also submit this data to the management team of the company. Finally, the reports will provide easy access to key metrics, which is useful when you are trying to set goals for future marketing campaigns content.