You’ve probably found that Twitter is all the rage in social networks. You could even say that this competing for a privileged place among the greatest of social networks like Facebook.

Twitter is no nonsense, not a game or a fad or young thing. It really is a fabulous communication channel to manage your networking, increase your contacts and help you do a great job in generating presales or expectations of any pitch you want to do both online and offline level.

Eight years have passed since Twitter came to revolutionize with140 characters messages, the way we communicate, inform, interact, learn and publicize opinions, products or services. Eight years in which this multinational American corporation has managed to reach the five continents and bring together 250 million users.

How can Twitter help entrepreneurs and franchises?

Twitter is a great tool and an absolutely flexible product. There is a Twitter waiting for each person, for each franchise or for every entrepreneur. I like to define it as a content platform in which to do business as well as communicate. Twitter can also serve as the site of a franchise, a local businessman, regional, national or a large corporation; to give customer service; to promote products; to relate to the world of content. The possibilities of the platform are absolutely limitless.

What is the big advantage of this platform?

Every day we discover a new possibility of this platform, which I like to apply the term ‘democratic’. With it, anyone can find their space and attract followers. The value of a user follows a brand is incalculable. According to our latest statistics, 73% of users who follow a brand are favorable to buy products or services from that brand. The great advantage of Twitter is that it is a window to the world that we are able to peek in a minute, which is the time we need to sign upon this platform. One minute after having done that, you have before you a giant window on the world.

What about those companies that still refuse to enter this universe?

The first thing I would say is that in this platform, opportunities are endless, and obviously they are for good. Of course, our public appearance and viral platform capacity means you should have a plan and Twitter use rules to address it in an intelligent way. I think the key is to jump into Twitter as soon as possible because the sooner you board a plan, the better to take advantage. This is something that does not wait for anyone, which does not stop, moving very fast.

Has Twitter changed how to seek employment or start a business?

With regard to job search, I will say that the presence on Twitter is important to know more or learn more about the possible candidate. Your imprint on Twitter is something that employers tend to look more at everyday. Hence the importance of being on the platform and regardless of whether your presence is a personal level or professional level, design a plan that determines your way to use it.

How can I get the best off this platform?

Having a plan means understanding the Twitter platform in each and every one of its aspects, and knowing that Twitter can help you have an online presence and globalize if you’re a local or national company. Insist that Twitter is to open a window to the world, and launch special offers through this channel, and be the center of a business call and talk to their users. To have a Twitter plan must devote resources, believe it and take advantage of the platform.

To design a plan to use Twitter first thing is to define rules of communication. You have to be very clear that it is you who sets the rules, and from there users are going to go adapting to them. So one of the keys is to determine the rules of use and know what your communication policy is. It is also important to know whether or not you will use Twitter as a customer service. I think the closeness, speed and the pulse of the market invite you to do so. Furthermore, it is important to work to strengthen your brand presence and tell the world why your product or service is better than your competition and how to compete with them; considering the price, quality and overall factors that would make you stand out. Besides the above, one must know to increase your reach because your contact base can be filled with potential customers, and fully understand the timing and Twitter is a reflection of what happens in a country, whether political, sports, economic and any topic that is pulsing at the moment. Finally, we must understand the relationship with the world of content and distribution. The platform has a capacity of visualizing content that is simple and simply spectacular and makes you understand well that’s what happens. Up to three weeks after writing a tweet, tweets can interact and rebound back into the talk. We are real time focused,  but that time is extended.

Is it necessary to invest heavily in the training of people who will use or manage a business account?

Fortunately, we have many online tutorials for a person who can, from their own home, deal with, understand and explore the possibilities that Twitter provides. Training is obviously important, but in this case, I speak of self-education. I think in a very simple way we can get a lot out of the platform. The use is very simple; It works to hit clicks.

What is the future of the platform?

I am sure that we are only at the dawn of what Twitter will be in the future. Twitter has acquired Mopap, which is a network of applications primarily in the mobile world. With this network, we will be able to hit 1,000 million mobile users worldwide. We must see Twitter as a company that first thinks of mobile expansion, they like direct response and performance. Twitter has made sales of products with very interesting results. They are constantly making projects, maybe, with TV and are working on exclusive distribution of content.