If you are an internet frequenter, whether a social site visitor or a blogger, backlinks should be a familiar concept to you. For those that are not entirely familiar with backlinks, there is no need to worry because by the time you are through with this article you would have known what backlinks are.

A backlink in its simplest definition can be referred to as a point on an internet’s webpage where there is provided a quick link for a different website. This is so common nowadays mostly with Google adverts where in almost every webpage that you get to open you receive backlinks which are advertising some products which can be found on other web addresses. The shape of backlinks has been changing in recent times and this is because of the increased internet marketing practices. These are mainly brought about by sharp increase in number of internet users.


There are major roles played by backlinks both on the webpage that displays them as well as the website whose address is provided by the backlink. There are different ways in which one can come up with a backlink for their website and they come with different requirements and cost:


  • For a person looking to market their website at the cheapest expense possible, creating backlinks through comments could come in handy for them. When creating backlinks through comments, the website owner participates in a conversation on a different website which relates on the same issues as his, leaves a comment and in this comment include a link to their website. Anyone who views the comment and gets interested with their website only has to click on the link other than search for their website. This makes it so easy to increase the number of visitors and is advantageous in the sense that you are not limited on the number of related websites where you can post your comment and luckily your website link.
  • There are websites which are dedicated in reviewing other websites and these are also another great source of backlinks. These websites mainly give a rating and a description to your website. They also provide a backlink for those readers that may be interested in viewing the website on their own to have a chance to do so easily. This is also a cheap way to get your website marketed since website owners whose links get provided are required to pay for nothing.
  • A website owner can also create business agreements with owners of similar websites or any other websites whatsoever to display his link on their webpages. This is mostly common with those websites that deal with similar products or products that complement to each other. There are charges for this and the charges vary depending on several factors. These might include:


ü  Where in a webpage the backlink will be displayed

ü  For how long will the backlink be visible to users


Backlinks are important as they help increase traffic to a website. Website traffic on the other hand has direct effect on positioning of a website on results page of a search result.