Even if backlinks sound like some sort of SEO marketing jargon, they don’t have to be. After all, backlinks are meant to be simple to use even for people who don’t intend to go into SEO marketing. Not many people know how to use them in ways that are systematically geared towards generating more customers, but anyone with a blog can use a backlink. A backlink is created, essentially, when one person on one blog decides to create a link to another site. The link to this other site will appear in the text of an article on the blog, which will probably be on a related subject.


The more times this happens and the more a link to a particular site appears in the blogosphere, the higher the site will be ranked in the search results generated by major search engines. After all, if many people have linked this site to their blogs, then that must mean the blog has provided some valuable information. On the other hand, some sites will take a risk by using backlinks on blogs that don’t have anything to do with the site. This isn’t always recognizable by the search engine, especially if the links appear to be surrounded by information that looks somewhat relevant to the contents of the site.

This may raise a red flag, though, to indicate that this site shouldn’t be prioritized so high at all. After all, many sites are looking for some sort of exposure. All of these links might just indicate that the site is particularly skilled with SEO marketing, and all of the linking that is taking place isn’t really worthwhile or useful to the average person. This is why it is useful to create multiple sites with relevant information that will be used to hold the links to the niche site that is in need of marketing. In this current atmosphere, blogs are very easy to create.

There are many platforms that can be used for blogging, and many of them can start up in mere minutes. These can be run as quality blogs, or they can just be used to hold information to present a clear picture to the search engines that this niche site that they are all talking about is very important. The thing about blogs is that they must contain links to the niche site. They cannot just talk about the niche site or advertise its products with glowing links. Without any good links to the site, the blogs are virtually worthless. They do not show up in the radar of search engines, and their creation will have been a waste of time. While the practice of creating multiple sites that hold very little content is controversial amongst internet marketing professionals, this doesn’t necessarily make it a bad technique. Obviously, no one likes to see commercials ruin their experience of television or radio. However, television and radio costs require that commercials be used to pay for the shows that air at each hour of the day. Similarly, blogs can be used as ads.