Although the world of online promotion has changed drastically in the past few years, one method of advertisement has continued to stay relevant: pay per click advertising. Some question its effectiveness in today’s world, especially since there are many alternative options out there, some of which are free and highly useful (assuming you know what it is you’re doing). However, pay per click advertising is still a useful route to take if you know where to start, and we’re hopeful that sharing our insight can help you get started today.

The two most visited websites in the world, Google and Facebook, offer their customers pay per click advertising solutions that allow them to broadcast their ad to millions of users at a fair price. Doubters believe the price per click is far too high and that you can quickly wind up with a bill for hundreds (even thousands) of dollars for the amount you’ve spend on advertising. However, both of these companies do it the right way by giving you the ability to set up everything exactly the way you want. Being able to pre-set a price limit and specify the exact users and keywords you want to target help open the door to a broad spectrum of new potential customers. Even If you’re confused, we can help you choose the right keywords and users that’ll actually be interested in what you’re trying to promote.

ppcIndependence and ease of use are also two major benefits of this advertising route. You don’t need to hire tons of people to assist you, making it easy on you and your wallet. Being able to set up an advertising plan on your own is great, and many sites that offer this option are able to guide you through it step by step to make sure you get the best results, including us. Most people, even tech dummies, are able to do this on their own, which simplifies the process for everyone involved, including the most important person in the equation – you.

Lastly, pay per click advertising is probably the best way to see an immediate increase in traffic, users, and social network connections. Creating an ad that’s short, sweet, and to the point that’s aimed at millions of people will instantly attract new people to your page and your site. Make sure you have something eye-catching behind the ad; otherwise you won’t be able to go very far beyond that (I’m sure you know that it’s important to already have a solid userbase and plenty of content to market, though).

Pay per click advertising will always exist, and even though analysts and professionals feel the method is becoming outdated, we believe it still works, and that’s why we offer assistance in helping you create your PPC campaign.