If you want your lawn care marketing campaigns to be successful, and not something that just eats up your budget, then you have to harness the power of internet marketing. Online lawn care marketing will be the difference between being somewhat successful, and becoming the go-to lawn care provider that wipes out all the other competition in the area. You know that your talent and love of lawn care makes you the best provider in town, but it doesn’t matter how great you are if no one else knows about it. Online marketing puts you right in front of people who need lawn care services at the exact moment that they’re actually looking for them – and there’s nothing more powerful than that.

Be found quickly & easily by targeted
customers right when they need you

Not only can LocalWebGeek put you in the perfect position to be found by a constant flow of new customers, but we also ensure that when they do find you, they trust you. How can you do that? Easy. Online reviews, social media proof, which is simply positive feedback, raving reviews from customers, and referrals from local people on different social media sites. This is huge. But of course, you need to be found first. And that’s exactly what we’ll do… make sure your lawn care business shows up right at the top of the results when someone searches for you.

If you already have a website, then we’re sure at one point you knew you needed to get online. But has that investment continued to pay off? If your site isn’t at the top then what good is it doing? Not much. Most people today are searching for things they need on their smart phones, and guess what? The screen isn’t big enough to show tons of search results. If you aren’t on top then they aren’t finding you. If you’re on the top, then no matter what you’re doing, no matter what day it is, or what time it is… targeted customers are finding you when they’re searching for lawn care services. How powerful is that? How would you like people constantly calling you, emailing you, and filling out your contact form?

If your lawn care marketing isn’t putting you
on top… you can bet one of your competitor’s is!

LocalWebGeek helps hundreds of small businesses across the country each and every year. Will we be putting you on top or will your competitors come to us first? Take advantage of the fact that you’ve found us and put your competitors to shame. Once we get you on top they won’t know what hit ‘em! You’ll have your own secret weapon that no one will be able to compete with. This is what we thrive on. Our passion is putting you on top and growing your business. Nothing more. Nothing less. It’s what we do. It’s what we live, eat, and breathe each day. Why waste more money & energy on traditional advertising that has dwindling returns, when you can have LocalWebGeek on your side using innovative, proven online lawn care marketing to put you on top?

Targeted leads. Hands-off marketing that gets results. Affordable.

People today are always on the go. They don’t have time to go home, find the telephone book, and sift through the pages trying to find what they need. It’s so much easier to grab your smart phone and hit the Google button. In fact…

  • About 90 percent of people searching won’t take the time to look past the 1st page of results
  • Almost half of them are too busy to even care about looking past the first five results

Just a few things to look forward to when you work with Local Web Geek:

  • An ongoing stream of newly targeted, potential customers
  • Spending less on your lawn care marketing, while getting even better results
  • Effective marketing that’s much more measurable than traditional marketing
  • A continuously growing ROI

By taking that first step and contacting us, you’re putting your lawn care business on the fast track to a steady flow of new customers like never before. We’ll put you on top, guaranteed. But that’s not all we’ll do. We understand how imperative it is for your lawn care marketing to include the powerful use of social media. You’re going to get triple-returns here… we’ll put you on top for TWO different search phrases that people use when they’re looking for your lawn care services. But we’re also going to get you started with Twitter by building you a powerful Twitter account for your business and fill it with local, targeted leads for you!

Yep. Contact us today. We’ll put you on TOP & Get you on
the road to being the
go-to lawn care provider in the area for only $200.

You know your lawn care services are the best in town. Now let us help you make sure everyone else knows it too. You won’t pay nearly as much as you would for most traditional advertising, but you’ll enjoy extremely targeted and timely leads for less.

Don’t let a competitor be the one to contact us first!