Local SEO Techniques

One of the big advantages provided by the Internet is that small businesses anywhere can make their presence known online to potential customers and clients all over the world. This can be ideal for businesses that provide a product that can be shipped easily to customers living anywhere on the planet.

However, if you have a small business that provides products and services that can only be delivered locally, you will need to use a different strategy for local search marketing in order to be visible to local customers. You will need to use an approach that focuses primarily on local SEO.

Keywords for Local Small Business Marketing

When potential online customers who live in the area want to find a local business that will supply them with a particular product or service, they will type their keywords in a slightly different way than people who do not care where a business is located. For example, a person living in Austin who wants to find a pizza restaurant will probably type in the words “austin pizza restaurant” into the search engine.

A good SEO company will study the keywords and phrases that are being used by potential customers and clients in your area. Many of these keywords may already being used very effectively by your competitors. However, it is still possible to find keywords that have not been used by your competitors so far. In addition, by careful planning, you can actually pull ahead of your competitors for some of the keywords that can bring you real traffic.

Basic Local SEO Technique

In order to show up in local searches, an Austin pizzeria with a website will need to include the keywords “austin pizza restaurant” and similar variations on the site.

The website owner should also use phrases that customers might use online such as “pizza places in austin”, “austin pizzerias”, “best pizza in austin”, and similar keyword phrases. These keywords should be included in the copy that appears on the site, in the backlinks, and in the title tags.

Get Listed in Online Local Directories

Most towns and cities of any size have local online directories. It is worth getting your small business listed in as many local directories as you can. This gives you increased visibility with your customers and clients and it also increases your credibility with them.

In addition to using local SEO, bake sure your website shows up in Google Places, Bing Local, and Yahoo! Local. If you put up any photos of your site or your products, be sure you include appropriate keywords when you tag them.

A Blog Can Get You Ranked Higher in Local Search Engines

In order to improve the chances of appearing higher in local search pages, your website should have additional content that is updated occasionally. For example, the website can include a blog about pizzas that are served in this particular restaurant. This will provide search engines with more reason to rank the site higher. Frequently mentioning the name of the town as well as the business and the product can make it rank higher.

Let People Know How to Reach You

Be sure that your mailing address, your email address, and telephone number are easy to find on your website. Include a map that shows people how to get to your physical location.

Pay Per Click Ads For Local Business Marketing

A pay per click campaign is a good strategy in order to ensure that local customers who are looking for your product or service can find you quickly. If you are using a Pay Per Click campaign online, you can micro-target your ads so they are only seen by people who live in your area or people who are using keywords with your location.

Promote Your Site In Your Offline Marketing

In addition to using local SEO techniques, you should also integrate your web presence with your offline marketing. Always be sure to include your website address and email address in any off line marketing and promotion that you do. In this way, you will be easier to find by those who want to learn more about your company.

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