Search engine optimization is not about letting the whole world know about your website. They may look at it, but they probably won’t care enough to go over your website and see what you can do for them especially if they are not your niche market. Targeted optimization is the key. This basically means you need to use some local SEO strategies so that the traffic that you’re driving on your website are those that can be potential customers or those whom you can have mutual business benefits from. local seo

If you want to do well on your SEO strategy, implementation and results, you need to think local. Here are some tips to let your local customers find you, and give them the oppportunity to entrust their business with you.
> Make sure that your website has a good Contact Us page. Do not be content with simply putting in a comments box or an email address where they can contact you. Some consumers really prefer to visit a store or an office so make sure to put in the physical address of your local branch or branches. A good and contact number, preferably with a fax number should be available on the same page as well.
> Make sure that you use local SEO keywords. This is what most businesses use nowadays. Instead of using a generic keyword like, “wedding planner”, expand it by including the name of the city or county you’re in. Your keyword then becomes “wedding planner Manhattan.” A local keyword would drive proper traffic. When you come up with keywords, you need to think about what consumers or possible customers would actually type on their search bar. If they need someone from, say Manhattan, their searches would be specific on that area.
> Register to a free map program, like Google Maps, to ensure that your customers know exactly where to find your shop, store or office. When you register your website to map programs online, you get prioritized in the search results.
> Upload pictures. Your customers need to know that you are real; and photos are the best way to prove that. Photos and visuals add up to the legitimacy factor of your website. They also make your site look more presentable.
> Register to local directories. The usual top results on search engines nowadays comprise of many directory sites. Do not be left behind and make sure your business can be found on these directories as well. This is particularly effective for specific geographical area searches.

Believe it or not, but the behavior of consumers has not changed much. When they want something, they don’t want to cross another country or another state to find whatever it is that they’re looking for. They go for the nearest local business that can attend to their needs. This is what local and even multinational corporations should be thinking if they want to conquer the wide scope of online consumers. When your business is deeply rooted and established in your local area, then this foundation will be strong enough for expanding to a wider niche market. That is whal local SEO does.