There is no doubt that any big or small business needs a website. But, having a website on the internet will not help in bringing in targeted traffic to your site. You will have to create your website in such a way that it is SEO friendly and gets higher page ranks on popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Give importance to keywords

You should always think of SEO keywords that most people would think of using when searching for your niche. If your business is plumbing, then you need to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think of what he or she would be using as keywords to find your service through Google or Yahoo.  Some of the common keywords would be “plumber xxx” or “xxx plumber”, where xxx denotes the region of service. Your website must have these important keywords in it so that the search engine highlights your web address on the search results page. If you have a simple website and a good cluster of SEO keywords, then the chances of getting more traffic to your website is more than  creating a beautiful and attractive website with poor SEO. You should think of including the name of your business or your website to be the primary keyword in order to get a good page rank on Yahoo or Google. There is no doubt that there will be more competition when it comes to just “plumber xxx or xxx plumber” and hence getting ranked on Google top 2 pages will be difficult. The best way is to include your business name along with other keywords to get better attention.

Hiring an SEO expert 

If you do not have the time to spend on the computer, then it is always a better option to hire an SEO expert to do a good job on your website and make it SEO friendly. The expert will be aware of ways and means of getting more organic traffic to your website in order to help your business flourish. They will help in getting backlinks for your sites from the similar business niche. This is one strategy, but there are any other strategies that they will employ to get your website a good page ranking that where it is now. They will make use of techniques like social bookmarking, guest blogging, use of social media, link building, etc., to boost your business’s online presence.

How to do it yourself?

If you feel that hiring an SEO expert will not fit your budget, then you will have to spare some time from your plumbing works to make your website popular.

  • Check out your website thoroughly and see if it is informative. The content on the website has to be up-to-date. You should be providing information on your website that is appealing to the eye and very easy to read.
  • Make use of free website submittal services to submit your website to popular search engines.
  • You should write relevant articles about the various kinds of services in your profession and host them on popular article sites. You just need to create a backlink in the article to your website and also provide your company’s details in the bio.

These techniques will help in increasing quality traffic to your site.