Some of the most successful businesses are those who communicate with their customers. This isn’t just about customer service, though. Customer service is a must, but the customer must see the human face behind the business. After all, even if corporations aren’t people, you do represent the business that you start. Especially with a small niche business like many of those that pop up on the Internet every day, getting to know the few people who are running the business is just like getting to know the business itself. Many successful businesses are spin-offs of great blogs, but why not work the other way? If you want a successful business, start a successful blog with the intention of improving that business with the blog! Either way, both your blogs and your business will be wonderful.

These blogs should be about a topic that has a lot to do with your business. For example, if you wrote a book on economics and wish to sell this book, you should write a blog about economics that shows your expertise. This way, you have credibility before people even look at your book. You shouldn’t reveal everything that you know about economics, but you should show that your book is worth buying. To encourage people to buy your books, you should have links to the site that sells the books in each and every article. Even if some people won’t be sold to begin with on your authoring skills, they might be sold after they see that you have many interesting and intelligent articles on this subject. They will expect to see the same things in your book, and they will be more willing to buy the book. The links that take the customer from the blog to the selling site are called backlinks. Backlinks are very easy to create on most sites, and most users know how to use them for other things. A quick fiddling with HTML should do the trick, though one blog will not be enough. If your interests are diverse and so is your research, you should start multiple blogs that all link to the same selling site. This will increase the PageRank of your selling site.

Thus, when someone decides to use Google to search up one of the topics that you have researched, with a keyword that you used to boost your selling site, your selling site will be one of the first links that they see in the search results. Most people don’t look beyond the first page of search results, so this is highly beneficial for you. Once you get on the first page, you are bound to get many more visitors. If you’d rather not start multiple blogs on your own, it would also be a good idea to get help. Many a ghostwriter would be willing to contribute to your blogging with good pay, and higher pay will encourage more talented writers to help you. They can help greatly with marketing, and will help your business grow. Now that’s good economics!