Why is important that your website is in a good position on search engines? Statistics show that nearly 80% of world traffic is generated by search engines. A site that occupies the first position in the engines for the keyword according to its niche can attract lots of visitors without spending a cent for the promotion of the site.

But what factors determine a site to appear in first position on certain keywords?

First of all site content. “Content is king” SEO experts say. If more keywords are present in the site content so that site is more likely to catch a good position on the search engines. So before you do anything else you need to decide on the keywords you want to optimize your site.

optimizing your site for search enginesEven if it’s very important the content is not everything. Site title is also important for spiders (spies) search engines. If the keyword is included in the title of the site it is easier to index. Just a little trick known to the world is not to put commas to separate keywords in your title but instead of the comma, keywords or phrases must be separated by this sign “|”. This trick increases by 25% chance of a better indexing.

Metatags are another important component of the optimization process. Metatags are html codes introduced in the source code of the site. Those metatags must be supplemented by site name, owner, keywords, description and other important clues to search engines. Today there exist softwares that automatically generates metatags, you just insert them with the copy / paste in the source code of the pages.

Links leading to your site (backlinks) are a very important element in SEO, according to some experts, the most important.

To convince you, launch a search on google for the keywords “click here”. The first place you’ll find adobe.com site and that site will not find anywhere else wrote “click here”. The explanation is the following “click here” is the text under which affiliates of this site put a link to their sites adobe.com site.

As you have more backlinks on other sites (even if you do not bring or direct visitors), your site will be found more easier by  the search engines. In other words you will increase your Page Rank site. I found links to sites that share the same theme with yours and they are well seen by search engines. You can increase both the number of links and link exchange through indirect registration , leaving the link in online ads,commenting on other websites, forums, etc..

These are the most important elements of the process of optimization of a site.