For your orthodontic practice to thrive and grow, you have to let go of the old marketing Orthodontic Marketingmethods that just aren’t effective anymore. Many businesses just refuse to accept that online marketing is something required today, and you can take advantage of that by getting started today. You’ll be three steps ahead of the many local orthodontic businesses that are still placing all their hope in yellow pages and newspaper ads. You will be sucking in all the new customers who need orthodontic services in your area.

Stop wasting your advertising budget on non-measurable orthodontic
marketing methods that are no longer effective.

Let’s face it, hardly anyone will go find their phone book and flip through the pages trying to find something that they want. It’s too much work when you can just Google it and have it pop up right in front of you. And if your practice isn’t at the top of those results that pop, you are losing valuable targeted leads that could be bringing you waves of new customers each and every month.

To compete in the orthodontic industry today, you have to lose the old-school mentality. You have to get on board with today’s technology, and the way people are searching for orthodontic services. Successful marketing today needs to include powerful, proven local search optimization and social media.

Don’t just take our word for it though! Here are just a few reasons to use our promotion services:

  • A constant stream of new customers
  • Fresh waves of ultra-targeted leads looking for you right now
  • Able to measure exactly how effective your advertising dollars are being spent
  • A better ROI since it costs less and it’s extremely measurable

Now consider this…

  • 90% of those who need orthodontic services will only click results shown on the 1st page
  • Almost half of them won’t look past the 1st five results that show up when they search

Spend less. Make more. Leave clueless competitors in the dust!

Sounds simple doesn’t it? It is! Local Web Geek’s marketing experts have a proven track record of taking a practice and putting it into overdrive through professional, up-to-speed online marketing techniques. Those who get it, get it. Those who don’t get it, get left behind wondering why on earth they aren’t getting any new business, while their competitors are thriving. Don’t let that be you.

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You’ve built your business because you believe in it, and if you’re willing to step into the 21st century, then we want to help you take it to the top. It doesn’t matter how big or small your practice is, our orthodontic marketing thrives while turning small businesses into big names.

Your Business. Our Marketing. Your Success!

Let us ask you something. What’s the lifetime value of a single new customer? $100? (doubtful) $1,000? $10,000? So what would it be worth to have a constant flow of highly-targeted leads calling and contacting you each and every month without you lifting a finger? Because you know that word-of-mouth is powerful. You know even a single customer is likely to quadruple or even earn you ten times your investment, when they’re treated well when they use your orthodontic services.

So we’re sure you’re going to be floored when we tell you this…

You can be on TOP for not 1 – but 50 different
terms you want for a reasonable price!

Don’t settle for less. Local Web Geek’s time-proven marketing services will blow you away. We’ll consult with you to develop the perfect campaign that will take your business to the top, as no two practices are exactly the same. Remember that if you aren’t at the top and raking in those leads – your competitors are.

Marketing Made Easy. Effective & Targeted. Measurable to Rocket ROI

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