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Economic times are rough, so to thrive in the restaurant business right now, you have to be Restaurant Marketingdoing all you can to make sure targeted potential customers are finding you. If you aren’t harnessing the power that the internet has given us and using online  marketing, then we guarantee you are losing money. For restaurants, it’s vital to show up at the very top of local search results as well as to have a mobile optimized website. People don’t spend ten minutes trying to find a good restaurant by flipping through the phone book anymore. They turn to their computer, their tablet or their smartphone. The latter possibility is growing by the thousands every day.

You have to show up at the top if you want these targeted leads to become your new customers.

Many restaurants are still dwindling away their marketing budget on old-school marketing that simply doesn’t work like it used to. People are on the go. Do you think they carry a phone book in their car? No, they whip out their tablet or smartphone and search. Have you ever searched on a smartphone for something? The screen isn’t very big… so you see a very limited number of results. That’s why you need to be on top. If you aren’t on top, you’re losing business. Period.

If you aren’t showing up when they’re searching for you, who do you think is? Your competitors! Google isn’t just going to show empty space, so someone will be there… and that someone should be you. That’s exactly what we do at Local Web Geek. In fact, that’s pretty much all we do. We get you on top with our talented restaurant marketing team so your business thrives no matter what the economic experts may say.

Your restaurant should be busy!

Restaurant Marketing

It doesn’t matter if you run a pizza joint or a five-star restaurant. There’s no doubt that you would like to:

  • See a steady flow of new customers walking in day after day
  • Have your phone ringing off the hook for reservations and answering questions from highly-targeted leads who find your contact information the second they’re looking for a restaurant like yours…
  • Be able to see exactly where your advertising dollars are going and the results they’re getting directly
  • Increase your ROI by reducing your advertising spending while seeing an increase in business

Don’t think being on top matters that much?

  • Almost every single person who searches for a restaurant in the area will only look at the search results on the first page
  • Almost half will never bother to click a link beyond the fifth result, especially if they’re on the go and on a smartphone (and if they’re on the go then they’re likely looking to eat right now!)

Your Restaurant. Our Marketing… Your Competitors Bewildered!

There’s nothing more powerful than dominating your specific restaurant industry in local search results and Local Web Geek’s will lead the way, taking you straight to the top.

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