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If you aren’t utilizing the power of today’s technology and the internet for salon marketing, then we hate to say it – but you’re losing valuable customers and tossing advertising dollars right out the window. Online marketing is the key to moving your salon business forward and staying ahead of the competition. When someone needs your salon services, where do you think they go? They look online. A good percent of them whip out their smart phone and search for a good salon in the area. And guess what? If you aren’t showing up at the top of those search results, you just lost business. But one of your competitors just got more business!

They WILL find SOMEONE. Will it be YOUR SALON or a competitor?

Advertising for salons has today has changed. This ain’t your mama’s salon! If you’re happy with the same repeat ‘regulars’ and you aren’t being proactive about keeping up with technology, you’re going to find yourself so far behind the competition it ain’t even funny. You’ve put a lot of dedication into this business, so once we’ve got the importance of marketing your salon online pounded into your head – we know you’ll be jumping at the opportunity to take your business to the top. So let’s get to it, shall we? Just scan these points here and then honestly ask yourself if your salon is getting all the business it should …

  • Darn near 100% of people looking for a salon online will not look past the first page
  • Heck, nearly half won’t even go look beyond the 1st five salons on the first page
  • Smartphones & tablets are here to stay… smaller screens means you need to be at the very top
  • A Microsoft study says over 50% of searches for local businesses are done from mobile devices [1]
  • 75% of new business stems from sources on the internet [2]
  • Get clients from your website, on complete auto-pilot.
  • Over 90% of potential new customers begin their search on a search engine [2]

Every business owner who wants to beat out the competition (which is every business owner!) simply has to understand how technology-driven consumers are today… and DO something about it. The days of tossing together newspaper & TV ads are over. That’s a good thing, though! They’re expensive and difficult to track.

hair salon marketing

Our salon advertising is effective. Powerful. But it’s also affordable and Measurable.

… And guess what? It’s pretty much on autopilot once you get it going. Once you’re on the top, customers are finding you and coming to you. And that’s exactly what Local Web Geek does. In fact, it’s the only thing we do. It’s our passion and we thrive on getting you to the top. Of course, we also put our friendly expertise into action to monitor, test, & tweak, to always improve conversions. After all, that’s what you need. Business.

New customers.More sales. A ROI that just keeps getting better!
You may think this has to be expensive. We hear that a lot. But guess what? You can get on the fast track to an avalanche of new customers for way less than you probably pay for ads right now! We don’t believe that your salon marketing should be draining your budget – it should be the other way around! Otherwise, what’s the point?

Local Web Geek’s talented marketing team will jump into gear, crafting the perfect online campaign designed to put you on top fast. Just to show you how important your success is to us, we’ll even get you on top for a second profitable keyword phrase for free. Social media? Sure… let’s top it off with a custom, targeted Twitter account filled with leads – all done for you!

Your Success = Our Success
Don’t let your competition beat you to it…


salon marketing

When your on the front page of Google clients Instantly see your business and you will get more customers, Its that simple!

We have very reasonable rates for hair salons to get started! Stop leaving money on the table!

You DESERVE to be successful!

Your competition is stealing all your clients if your website is not ranking well! Lets get those clients back!

Local Web Geek can help you!

  • Bring in lots of new clients
  • Find clients that are happy to pay top dollar for your services.
  • Book new clients in no time at all
  • Get phone-calls rolling in like crazy.
  • Collect testimonials and the good stuff clients say about you, to bring in more clients.
  • Get clients from your website, on complete auto-pilot.
  • BONUS: Twitter account, with followers (leads) in your area!