Keyword Traffic Analysis

This detailed analysis of current search trends provides insight related to generation of traffic by specific keywords. This service proves essential to developing proper keywords to target for your campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization Review

Our objective is to ensure that your site will be indexed by search engines without incident. Certain search engines “spider” websites in order to create a listing in the search engine’s index. Using proven search engine techniques, we analyze your site and provide pinpointed recommendations to enhance the structure and coding of your site.

Search Engine Violation Detection

This is just one of many exclusive services we offer. Search engines employ rules to prevent dishonest webmasters from attaining high rankings through deception. It is not uncommon for a webmaster to unknowingly be in violation of search engine rules, causing their positions to suffer. Not only will your site be checked for numerous search engine violations, but we will scour the Internet searching for external sites that may be damaging your search engine positioning.

The Web Site Experience

In addition to ensuring your site pleases search engines, we will perform analysis to certify that your site operates properly for visitors. This analysis includes testing download times, finding broken links, verifying browser compatibility, and much more. We will also inspect the code of your site and optimize it to improve speed and performance.

Site Map Creation

Other optimization services neglect the importance of site maps. Our site map creation service plays a vital role in ensuring that your entire web site is indexed by search engines. This service increases your visibility by making it easier for search engines to “spider” your site.

Link Partner Search

Partnerships with other websites remain crucial to the popularity of your website. Our experts will examine related sites and potential partners to find the most appropriate partnerships for your website. We will find only relevant, quality partners and prepare you to contact them.

Manual Search Engine and Directory Submission

We provide hand submissions to the major search engines and search directories. The submissions are made to the appropriate categories after determining the most effective and targeted keywords. Our manual submission reduces the risk of search engine penalization that often occurs when using automatic search engine submission services.