Search Engine Placement is something that places your pages on top of the search list offered by the search engines when web page users search for it with a keyword.  If a web page user enquires for a page related to his search keywords, he/she might go for the pages that are listed on the first page. If any pages places eleventh, in most of the cases there is chance to be on the next page provided by the search engines. So the probability of being hit by the web page user becomes less. And this is the only reason for which the website owners endeavor to fight with other competitors to get a place on the first page. Positive result can be expected if they optimize their sites with some factors that need to be improved.

In reality anyone, who has a website of his own, wants his site on the top ten results that are depicted on the first page. The reality becomes harsh if he doesn’t get the track right due to some mistakes in following some important conventions provided by the search engines. Every search engine has its own method to rank the page and that’s why the web page designer has to think when he tries to develop a site and register it to some familiar search engines.

search engine placementThe first convention is to look for a proper keyword that upholds the site. So targeting for a proper keyword that matches most of the search may help to get a high rank in the search engines. For example, say a designer chooses to develop site on cricket and he decides to go for a word, say “Playing cricket “. Anytime somebody searches for a article or a page on cricket he or she will type cricket. Definitely, a designer cherishes his site to be on the high in the ranking or in the search list. So it becomes a problem for him because the keyword chosen by him doesn’t match perfectly with the search string or search words. So, he who designs a site has to concentrate with his full imagination on the keyword that matches the search words most. Hence picking up a right keyword for the site holds a vital role in the search engine placement.

The second most important thing on the search engine placement technique is the positioning of the keywords in the right place on the page. There are some critical locations on the page the search engines prefer to look for the relevancy of the search words. On of the critical locations is the title tag of a page. So in designing a page the designer has to be careful about the positioning of the keyword to be located on the title tag. Sometimes search engine prefers to find the search words on the high of the page. So for a better search engine placement, the designer has to do some work with choosing the right keyword in right location. If he does so, the search engine placement gets better and ranks high in the list of the search engines.