SEO for Carpet Cleaners

Carpet cleaners can’t underestimate the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for building and enhancing their businesses. By allowing their websites to get greater exposure through SEO, they can find themselves expanding quickly. More importantly, SEO for carpet cleaners consolidates their business in their local areas.


The vast majority of carpet cleaners start their companies in the local neighborhood. The few square miles of territory around their business serve as a base to build customers. Even in the latter stages of expansion, it’s vital to hold on to this territory.

SEO can help with this due to how specific it can be. Rather than attempting to optimize the cleaner’s website for ‘carpet cleaning’, an SEO company will optimize it for ‘carpet cleaning in Inglewood’ or ‘carpet cleaning in lower Manhattan’. These keywords have minimal competition and will ensure the site quickly rises up the rankings.


Overall, carpet cleaning websites with more value (in the eyes of Google) will naturally rise up the rankings for synonymous keywords and keywords you never considered before. It’s why SEO gurus work on more than just adding a few keywords to your website.

They work on getting your name around the Internet. Articles and links on other websites gradually help your website get to the first page of Google.

Get to this coveted first page and you’ll have people requesting your services from farther away than you originally intended.

Where Can SEO Lead?

SEO for carpet cleaners can lead wherever you want it to. Your company can expand around your city, but the value comes in its global reach. Soon you’ll rank highly for ‘carpet cleaning services’ and ‘carpet cleaning’.

Many carpet cleaners have found themselves taking on new branches and new staff. Develop your reach with SEO and you can expand far beyond what you can do as a professional carpet cleaner alone.