SEO for Plumbers

Plumbers, like most tradespeople, can’t ignore the march of the online world into every industry. If you’re happy with having a small local group of customers, that’s fine, but most plumbers need to expand if they want to keep progressing. Creating a website is the initial step, but every website needs optimizing for Google or nobody will ever find it.

Increase Your Business

A good way to expand your business is to target an area of town, or a city, and make a push into this area. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can make sure your website appears on the first page of Google search results when a prospective client searches for plumbers in that area.

SEO for plumbers increases traffic. The number of people finding your website increases. And this will nearly always translate to more enquiries and clients for you.

Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for websites to write articles based around companies which appear on the first page of Google. This could include a regular publication in your city, or just a roundup blog on someone’s website. It all helps!

To What Extent?

Everyone knows SEO is essential. To accurately gauge how much it will help you is impossible. Nobody can predict how many customers you’ll gain because you offer a service. And the profitability of a service depends on factors outside of the Internet’s control, such as demand.

Build Upwards

SEO for plumbers should start with optimizing your website for your local area. As you grow, you can start marketing yourself to more and more distant areas. The top plumbers will appear on the first few pages of Google for general keywords like ‘plumbers for hire’ and ‘plumbing services’.

Even if you don’t expand personally to these areas, people might know friends and family who are looking for a plumber in your area.

Never underestimate the power of SEO for a plumber in need of more work.