SEO Keywords hoist an important space in the art of designing a successful webpage. Because most of the cases, search engine uses an algorithm that calculate the page rank with the help of relevant keywords.  So it seems SEO keywords are the most critical factor that optimizes the site and uphold the site. Whenever a user types a word in the search box of the search engines, the search engines start to haunt for the page or the link that has the most relevancy with the typed search word. The search engines commence their mission with the help of a spider that walks through the sites registered to the search engines and returns with the most relevant result that matches comparatively the most.

seo keywordsIt is proven that keywords of a page are the most important thing to choose while designing a page. Choosing a right keyword is the most effective task that enables a search engine to find the page more easily. A designer has to think over many options that meet the demand but he has to choose that one that effectively proves worthy for the search engine results. For example, if a user wants to know about a  product, say “toothbrush”, he will type the word ‘toothbrush’ in the search box that appears in the site of search engines in most of the cases. It is less probable to a web explorer type a string like ‘how to know more about toothbrush’. So a designer has to be choosy in determining perfect keywords that matches the search world in most of the occasion. His power of imagination and observation shows him the right direction to choose.

Choosing right SEO keywords might not bring the desired the consequence every time, because location of the keywords also holds a position in developing a fruitful website for the corresponding owners. Search engines dumps a spider that scrolls through the registered sites and comes back with results. In many occasions, search engines likes to skim through the title tag of the page. So it is desired to place the keywords in the title tag while developing the code for the page. Sometime it appears that the higher the keywords on the page, the easier to find the appropriate page for the search engine. If developers choose to use the keywords in the table, then it would become less probable to find the search words that match with the keywords, because the spider crawls through the columns, not through the rows. Once it finishes the search in the first column of the table it moves to the next column and so on. So before putting the keywords in tables, the designer has to ask himself some questions that justifies the answer.

Choosing SEO keywords is the most critical decision that a designer has to deal with. If the keywords don’t satisfy with the content of the article or the page, then everything goes in vain. So, in order to establish the higher placement in the ranking, right keywords in right location are the cases to be considered by the designers.