SEO link building is still by far the most pivotal tool in the success of search engine optimization for any web portal or website. It falls under the category of off-page SEO tactic which means that these are not carried out on the website and its pages but rather over the internet to pave a way back to your website. How linking building works is simple but it is a very time consuming, painstakingly dedicated task. It involves creating a series of links from other websites that refer to your website directly or indirectly. The primary focus of all this exercise is to increase the user traffic on the website as well as increase the website ranking on various search engine platforms as well.

seo link buildingThere are various experts available that excel in SEO link building techniques to provide the best possible exposure to your website. It involves multiple tactics and strategic planning as well as comprehensive knowledge about the World Wide Web to gain tactical advantage over your competitors. There are various ways to create links to the website i.e. through associating with high traffic websites primarily official government, political and financial pages or creating a link through credible information portal. The primary reason for doing this is to encourage good quality and relevant traffic on the website as well as being favorable candidate for search engine platforms to the selected for good ranking.

Other methods for SEO link building techniques can include providing good quality content over the internet and then linking it back to the website. This entails providing updated material on blogs, articles, and third party forums on a regular basis. Although it will ensure repeated and dedicated traffic on your website but it is painstaking task not only to produce huge volume of content but also constantly updating the keywords and links to the websites. Another way is to create bookmarks where certain keywords and tags drive the user to your website. While book marking with other sites one has to be very careful not to associate with a negative website such as porn sites, spammers or illegal content sites since this will create a negative listing for your website in the search engine algorithms and may face a ban forever.

There are various ways of procuring links from other websites, some of them can include:

–   Buying links: Many companies now realize the importance of this content in SEO link building and are set up to dedicatedly provide links or cluster of links to buyers. These companies also have batches as per the individual requirements so that relevant traffic flows.

–   Exchanging links: For some companies it is feasible to engage in a win-win situation by exchanging links with each other. This is only viable when both websites have a credible reputation and the content in some areas over lap one another. This is the most economical way however it involves a lot of effort on the specialists’ part. Creating dummy websites and back linking them to your official website.