You might be confident that you have done everything that is needed to optimize your new website for search. But, have you covered all the things and given a clear thought to site penalty that could ruin your website. Nobody will want to see a site penalty, but there are chances that you might get it due to heedlessness or by making honest mistakes. There are even people who use black hat techniques with an aim to quickly attract the attention of the search engines. This might also backfire on them big time.

The following are some of the mistakes that could happen even if you are thinking that you have employed the best SEO tactics for new websites.

Relationships with other businesses (link building)

There are many businesses that develop a relationship with other businesses. In order to create a great bond between the two, the businesses would get into a link creation with each other in order to boost the SEO and increase traffic. Sometimes, this could backfire that will end up cause a hurt to one or both  the sides, even if they were done with good intentions. There are chances for a suspicious link velocity, wherein a higher number of links could be seen to come from one single site. This investigation of link profile could lead to death of a business website.

Major niche influencers

The most popular SEO strategy for websites is to find popular influencers in a certain niche to get an increase in links, user exposure and other benefits. This niche influencer outreach benefits the receiving sites even after the rocking that it receives from several updates of search engine algorithms. There is no doubt that influencer outreach is a good option, but if it targets a low-authority niche, then it could spell doomsday for your site. The link values will just ruin your site and not improve your site’s SEO. It is very important for you to pick your targets very carefully if you are suing influencer outreach.    

Affiliate programs

There are many websites that have got a great SEO boost due to affiliate links. But, it has to be done very carefully or else it can hit your site very badly. If you make use of affiliate links without any plans, then you can be seriously bitten by it. The best ways to carry out affiliate linking are:

  • You should have a landing page for businesses that offer larger affiliates. You can always think of a dedicated landing page if you have very good relationships with big organizations.
  • It is important to check out the affiliate links from time to time. Make sure that they are functioning the correct way and ensure a permanent redirect for any broken links.
  • It is very important for you to make use of a reliable affiliate link provider. This is very important if you are completely new to the affiliate program.

If you find that you had made use of the above techniques, then you can make necessary corrections top keep the SEO of your site high and also avoid site penalty.