What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the methods used to position your website within the first results returned after a search engine inquiry. Search Engine Optimization includes extensive analyzing of content and various keyword densities. This process makes your website more accessible to visitors and increases traffic to your site. Search Engine Optimization is frequently referred to as SEO, search engine marketing, or search engine positioning.

Why is your optimization service so affordable?

Our search engine optimization experts analyze your site and create a detailed written report. The entire optimization is done externally without the need for access to the server. While several of our services are site wide, the majority of our analysis is completed on the main page of your site. After purchasing a report, you simply follow the easy to understand directions to optimize your site. This method reduces the workload of our experts and saves you money.

How long will search engine optimization take?

To maximize the benefits of our service, we try to deliver your search engine optimization report as soon as possible. However, a real person creates each report and we do require time to complete each optimization. In general, our search engine optimization report should take no more than seven (7) business days to complete.

Can you guarantee a specific search engine ranking?

No search engine optimization firm should promise a specific ranking for any search term. It is impossible to promise a top ranking, especially when two clients are after the same search terms. While we cannot guarantee a specific ranking, we can guarantee an increase in search engine rankings as well as an increase in traffic.

I saw another service offering gateway pages, do you make them?

Our experts employ only best practice techniques in their search engine optimization. This means that we only recommend proven and effective optimization techniques in order to ensure your higher rankings last into the future. The use of gateway pages, commonly called doorway pages, in order to artificially increase search engine rankings often results in penalization by search engines. Such a tactic is known as “search engine spamming.” When you trust our service, you can be sure that you will not be accused of search engine spamming.

To how many search engines do you submit?

Often times a search engine optimization service boasts about submissions to thousands of search engines. In reality, most search engine traffic comes from only a small handful of search engines and being listed in minor search engines has virtually no impact on your traffic. For this reason, we carefully hand submit every site we review to 40 high traffic search engines.

Why do you manually submit to search engines?

Manual search engine submission reduces the chance of penalization that is associated with automated submission services. Manual submission also ensures that the site is submitted successfully.

Do you guarantee your work?

We guarantee the excellence of our service. We say this proudly as we are confident in the search engine optimization abilities of our experts. While following our recommendations your search engine ranking will increase and you will receive more traffic to your site.

What payment methods do you accept?

We handle all transactions through PayPal, a secure third party credit card processor.