An individual would input a query for “SEO services Atlanta” when they want to locate companies that are based in Atlanta. If you will notice the atlanta seoword “in” was omitted from this query. For a lot of obvious reason the query would make more sense and be grammatically correct if it was written as SEO services in Atlanta. However, that is the thing when it comes to search engine optimization. Keywords and phrases do not necessarily have to make sense. They do not always have to be grammatically correct. Furthermore, it is even OK to admit a word that individuals are probably going to read into the phrase even when it is not there. For example, even when the content on a website is written as “SEO services Atlanta,” most individuals are going to read it out loud and include the word “in” even though it was omitted by the writer.

There is nothing wrong with making grammatical errors in the content of your website from time to time for SEO purposes. However, it is not a good idea to make a habit of doing it. This is because while this technique reads well to search engines, live traffic is not going to like reading choppy keyword phrases. This means that despite the fact that your website has a high search engine website. Traffic is not going to be reoccurring or repeating because they are going to be repelled by the poor grammar within the content of the website. This is actually why it is a good idea to hire a SEO professional. A professional is going to know how to balance SEO techniques in a way that appeals to both search engines and the actual traffic that is generated.

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