Over 90% of the users only select websites listed on the front page of the search engine and only 44% browse the second page; the percentage further decreases on the third page and so on. In the digital age where most businesses have shifted over 60% of their focus on online business transactions then making sure that they capture the largest statistical section is pivotal for their success. There are various ways to get online presence and promote your website in the cyber world from paid advertisements to complex organic marketing strategies. The most commonly used method for organically (i.e. without paid advertisements) promoting websites is through SEO techniques and there are countless SEO software available that assist companies make their presence in the initial pages of various search engines.

seo softwareEngaging in SEO techniques is a complicated and often a highly time consuming task for various companies, which involves constant monitoring of their website ranking on various search engine platforms on a daily basis, monitoring and analyzing competitor’s activity, developing a counter strategy, constantly updating the website to conform to the latest browsing and search trends and hence forth. This becomes even more bothersome when the task falls to a single individual or it they are running a small scale business operation from home. In order to facilitate such users there are various SEO software available which will drastically improve their search engine optimization performance.

Almost all of the SEO software suites provide more or less the same features and services, but what sets one suite of software apart from the other is the user friendly platform they provide to the user to operate on. The basic element of any suite is link building where the program creates multiple back links to the original webpage, the more back links there to a page/website the higher are the chances of its visibility in the search options.

Another important aspect is website monitoring and analytics. Instead of a user investing a lot of time in manually tracking the website, its positioning on the search engine, number of hits and views, the SEO software monitors and keeps track of all these statistics on a daily basis. This will help the user in compiling the website’s performance over a certain period of time as well as judge what tactics were instrumental in diverting the traffic on the website and which exercise should not be engaged in the future.

There are various add-on features such as competitor monitoring, content provision and acquisition as well as generating a keyword pool and suggestions for various keywords inclusion on the page depending upon the current keyword search trends. There are various SEO software suites available online which provide a standard set of services to all users. Since all users do not have the same requirement, therefore one suite is not beneficial for all. Before purchasing software online it is always better to thoroughly read about its feature and services as well the reputation of company by going through the testimonials and review websites which give unbiased opinion about the particular software.