Do you have any idea about website and how you can find a website by one click? This whole searching thing is quite easy if you have the idea about search engine. A search engine is a virtual thing which searches a website over the entire available website. Now what is the secret of these searching operations? Why only a few number of website is shown on to the first page? Why the entire website in one page is not shown? The main secret is as like that different website uses different SEO (Search engine optimization) tools and based on their SEO strategy their website appearance shows on the first top results.

What is the meaning of the website to you? It is a representation of yours. And the main objective of building a website that it will be visited by more visitors. Now may be you thinking that only by creating a website thus publish it and a visited usually visit it. That’s not working that way, because if your website do not have any information for the visitors or any good SEO work then the visitors will not visit. But a good SEO strategy can help you to overcome this problem and increase the rating of your website.

seo strategyThe search engine have two types of listing one is paid listing / “sponsored listing” and another is organic listing. Now you have to use two type of SEO strategy for this two listing. The paid listing gives you better result because you are paying the search engine for showing the website. Also organic listing need more time to get the result but it can provide a well quality of traffic (here traffic means the group of visitors).

How search engines estimate your page rank? Google, Yahoo and MSN are the popular search engine and they use the robots or crawlers to score your website. The score of different website is depending on different variables like link popularity, how frequently your keyword appears and how unique is your key word, the HTML code, the site theme etc.

A well SEO strategy depends on some factor

One factor related to how much link will appear on your webpage. If there is numerous link appears on your page then the search engine robots or the crawlers think that he contents on your page is valuable. Then your website score will increase. So by doing link building strategy with the reputable website can help you to get through this problem.

Another factor of SEO strategy depends on page contents. That’s indicating that how applicable your contents related to the key words. So first you have to find an unique key word for the website, also concerning about the visitors demand also have in mind that how much competition  you need for the key word.

Concerning about this two strategy you can increase you page rank. Is you are not sure about SEO strategy just consult with the company who are specialist on this, the can suggest you the best way to increase your page rank.