SEO, an acronym that stands for the elaboration “Search Engine Optimization”, is a method to upkeep one website in the search engine ranking to highlight site as much as possible. It is done to maintain a decent placement in the search engine results or outcomes.  Search engines like Yahoo, Google and MSN offers a automated spider programs named spider or bots to creep the web and index all pages in their database. Some search engines like AOL uses the database of Google and Lycos accesses the Yahoo database. There are some factors like keywords, website structure, keyword density, title tags, Meta tags and image attributes that determine the placement of the corresponding sites.

seo toolsFor the marketing strategy, search engine optimization looks how search engine functions and people look for over the internet. In order to optimize the website, it needs to work with its contents and HTML coding to maximize its relevancy in website ranking.  The term SEO also stands for the search engine optimizers. So in this article sometime SEO will refer search engine optimization and sometime it will refer to search engine optimizers. To make the page more search friendly SEO professional try for the various off page and on page search optimization factors. But it’s true that there is no such miraculous way to make a webpage the best site without adequate endeavors. So to optimize a website there is a conventional architecture to design the page in fabulous a search friendly way with the help of SEO tools.

To be a master in search engine optimization, a novice has to entrust his ability that he has the confidence to make him above all the terms and factors used in SEO. In that case a SEO may take some necessary help from SEO tools.  In fact Google offers some SEO tools for free to help the SEO professionals. Tools like Google webmaster tools, Google analytics and Google website optimizers are offered by Google for the SEO professionals. Google Webmaster is dedicated software that provides the view of Google and help to find the problem that spider faces.  Google analytics is enterprise class SEO tools that help the SEOs’ to track the visitors from all your referrers. It advanced analysis tools uses pivot tables, filtering and multiple dimensions in order to rank and highlight the site. Google website Optimizers offers a graphical data to process the site and analyze the visitors’ interest to make the site search worthy. By doing the necessary changes the SEO professionals can optimize the site more successfully.

Among all other tools, Google provides the best SEO tools to optimize the webpage. In order to master in SEO on has to be a master of these tools. There are also some others tools that can help a SEO professional to enrich his keywords and its density, links and images. It’s the optimizers’ decision to take the right tool to operate his SEO work. He may find some other tools quite handy. So it’s totally up to him.